Here Are 6 K-Pop Collaborations That Need To Happen

What’s your dream collaboration stage?

With so many talented K-Pop groups out there, it’s only a matter of time before they start holding collaborations with one another. Here are some collaboration stages that we need to see happening very soon!


1. Red Velvet X TWICE

Red Velvet and TWICE are some of the leading K-pop groups of this era and it’s only right that we get to see both groups on stage killing it together! Red Velvet’s charisma combined with TWICE’s good energy will create nothing short of amazing!

2. Rap Line of BTS X Main Vocal Line of EXO

It would be really interesting to see the rap line and vocal line of these two major groups come together to create a sick new track. Can you imagine these guys together on stage?


These two talented groups need to make a collab happen soon. Imagine how packed the stage would be!

4. Chungha X Sunmi

It’s crazy to think that these two powerful queens haven’t met on stage yet. These two girl crushes would make a total fire performance together!

5. Stray Kids X ATEEZ

These talented boys would be able to create the performance of a lifetime if they met together on stage. Could you imagine how crazy the choreography and energy would be?


This mix of feminine and masculine would create such great synergy on stage as both groups are known for their high tension performances!

What collaborations would you like to see happening?