6 K-Pop Fan Confessions About Late K-Pop Artists That Will Rip Your Heart Out

These are difficult to read, but fans can relate to these feelings.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

Losing someone is never easy, and quite often that pain stays with you forever. These are 6 K-Pop fan confessions that made us tear up as they relate to the late, greats Jonghyun, Sulli, and Goo Hara. These artists left this world too young and will stay in the hearts of fans forever. While these opinions might be difficult to read, there is certainly a ring of truth to what is being said.

1. The importance of taking mental illness seriously

When will mental illness be taken seriously in SK? When are they going to stop taking idols’ cries for help as “attention seeking”? RIP Sulli, you were a beautiful person who will be sorely missed. I hope her loved ones find strength in this difficult time. And to anyone who dares criticize this confession, I can honestly say that I have never, ever left any hate comments towards Sulli or any idols–can you say the same?


2. Practice what you preach

The angering fact about Sulli’s passing is that nothing is going to change after this. Netizens talked about being more compassionate towards another after Jonghyun’s passing but they still hated on other celebrities. Heck, they even started going after Choiza and blaming him for her death instead of blaming themselves.


3. Make a real, lasting change

Another idol gone. My heart is breaking. Something has to give; something has to change. The bullying and cyberbullying and impossible standards idols are held to; cancel culture and mob mentality and demonizing idols for being human or for speaking out. How many more times must this happen before a change is made???? RIP Hara…I hope you’ve finally found peace.


4. Speak kindly and gently to others

Guys please know that words can hurt as much as your actions. Please stop spreading hate. Please be kind. We don’t always know what is going on in an idols life. They can hide so much pain that we will never know about. It’s so easy to say hurtful things but think about how much that can hurt them, to push them over the edge. To do something to make it all end. These idol are human too. They need love and support. Rest in peace Goo Hara, Sulli and to the many others we’ve lost. Rest knowing you are missed and forever loved.


5. Time doesn’t heal all wounds

Im honestly still hurting from Jonghyun. Even now seeing his face and hearing his voice takes mental strength and preparation in order to not breakdown. I never met the man or truly knew him so it makes me feel silly… but it still hurts so much.


6. A fan’s pain over two icons being overlooked

The fact that neither Sulli or Hara got any official words of tribute from any of the broadcasting stations during the year-end music shows despite both having MCed in the past shows how misogynist the industry is. They honored Jonghyun’s passing but can’t even do the same for both the women who passed this year?


The topic of mental health is a sensitive one, but with so many people suffering in silence, society is long overdue for an honest, open, and understanding discussion on the matter.