6 Of K-Pop’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries That Everyone Wants The Truth To

Just what happened between Mark and Haechan that summer?

1. The truth behind Jessica Jung‘s departure from Girls’ Generation

It’s been years since Jessica left Girls’ Generation, but fans still aren’t sure exactly how or why it happened.

Jessica initially claimed that she was unfairly forced to choose between her new fashion line and Girls’ Generation activities by SM Entertainment and her members when her fashion line was already underway.


SM Entertainment, on the other hand, stated that Jessica went ahead and started her business while negotiations for her fashion line and Girls’ Generation activities were still in progress.


In May, a prominent Girls’ Generation insider revealed new details about this mystery. RealSamchon claimed that Jessica’s initial plan was to go on hiatus following the Girl’s Generation Tokyo Dorm tour, not leave the group altogether.


Even with this new info, fans still aren’t sure what to believe!


2. The Mark and Haechan summer fight

In 2017, NCT‘s Mark and Haechan allegedly had a major clash during their promotions, but fans still don’t know what caused it.


Last summer, Mark and Haechan were caught looking visibly annoyed with each other and there were moments when they refused to interact. It got to the point where NCT’s choreography was changed so that Haechan would not have to touch Mark’s shoulder! Here is the choreography before…


…and after the change.


NCT has referenced the epic fight, but the true reason for it has yet to be revealed. Thankfully, Mark and Haechan overcame their disagreement and now have a stronger friendship than ever!


3. The unreleased 19+ version WINNER music video

According to fans, YG Entertainment allegedly hinted that a 19+ version of WINNER‘s “Baby Baby” MV would be released…


…but it never was!


Fans may never know exactly what was in the 19+ version, but they have…ideas.


4. ZE:A Junyoung’s threat to reveal information about Star Empire

In 2014, Junyoung posted a message on his Twitter that criticized the CEO of his agency, Star Empire. In his post, he then stated that he would reveal information about the CEO and agency as well.

The issue that caused Junyoung’s threat may have been related to unreceived pay. The incident came to an end with an official apology from Junyoung through SNS and a set of compromises between the star and agency. Although some fans believe the messages on his SNS accounts may have been illicitly produced by his agency, no one knows for sure.


5. Jay Park‘s departure from JYP Entertainment

There have been a number of theories about why the former leader of 2PM left his group, and some are wilder than others.

It all started back in 2009, when netizens discovered Jay Park’s negative comments about Koreans on his Myspace that he made back in his trainee days. Both JYP Entertainment and Jay Park made an official apology in September 2009, and Jay Park was sent back to the United States to reflect on his actions. Some netizens believe that his departure from the group stemmed from this scandal.


One of the most widely circulated stories, however, involves an unplanned pregnancy. Netizens claim that Jay Park allegedly got HyunA pregnant, who then left Wonder Girls to have an overseas abortion.


Another story claims that Jay Park was booted from the group for having an affair with J.Y. Park‘s second ex-wife!


6. TVXQ!’s “stolen” views

To this day, many netizens claim TVXQ!‘s “Mirotic” MV hit 80 million views long before Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” MV did, but the views mysteriously vanished.


Fans claim that SM Entertainment deleted the “Mirotic” MV, for unknown reasons, then reuploaded it, which caused its view count to restart.