6 K-Pop Groups That Released Touching Documentaries For Their Fans

They told their heartwarming stories in these documentaries!

K-Pop idols are constantly in contact with their fans through various types of content, and are always giving them sneak peeks into their lives as musicians! Some groups have also starred in documentaries about themselves, wanting to show their fans a more honest side of themselves, in the form of interviews and their own stories. Here are 6 K-Pop acts that released their own documentaries, and touched the hearts of fans everywhere!

1. BTS

As a group, BTS are known to be very open, honest, and vulnerable with their fans, and ARMYs got to see more of their strong and emotional sides in their documentaries!

BTS | @BTS_twt/Instagram

BTS has so far released 4 documentary films; Burn the Stage: The Movie (2018), Bring The Soul: The Movie (2019), Love Yourself In Seoul (2019), Break The Silence: The Movie PERSONA (2020). They have also released 2 docu-series; Bring the Soul: The Docuseries (2019) and Break The Silence: The Docuseries (2020). In each documentary, the members open up about their hardships, and show how they persevere through their difficulties by relying on their bond with each other!

| HYBE Labels

Each one of their documentaries was a hit, and fans can’t wait for more!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter


BLACKPINK is a global girl group, and their documentary showed their fans their real personalities, something that Blinks loved!

BLACKPINK | @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

The group released a documentary in 2020 on Netflix, titled BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, where they gave viewers a look into their past trainee days, daily lives, aspirations, and more!

| Netflix

BLACKPINK also released BLACKPINK THE MOVIE in 2020 to commemorate their 5th debut anniversary!

| YG Entertainment


In 2021, MAMAMOO resigned their contracts to stay together as a group, and released the album WAW with the title track “Where Are We Now” in commemoration of their 7th year together as a group!

MAMAMOO | RBW Entertainment

RBW Entertainment recently announced the release of the group’s documentary MMM_Where Are We Now, which was released on March 25, 2022, and it showed the members going on their dream trip together, and also showed them talking about their time as singers, going from their underdog rookie days to their current success now!

| RBW Entertainment


VERIVERY is another group that released a documentary of their journey!

VERIVERY | @the_verivery/Twitter

In March 2022, VERIVERY released a documentary of their first US tour, titled Let’s Face Who We Are. The docuseries was released on Weverse, and documented how the members prepared for their performances, and their struggles with being on the road.

| Jellyfish Entertainment


TWICE’s starred in their own documentary titled TWICE: Seize The Light in 2020, which was released on Youtube giving fans everywhere access to the series!


TWICE went on their first world tour in 2019 called Twicelights, and the documentary showed how hard the members worked to put their best foot forward, and their struggles with fame and the stress they went through as a team while preparing for their shows backstage.

6. JYJ’s Jaejoong

Veteran star JYJ’s Jaejoong also has a documentary of his released!

Jaejoong | @jj_1986_jj/Instagram

He released his biographical documentary film Jaejoong: On the Road in 2021, giving viewers a look into his 18-year long career, and also showed fans a deeply personal side to him as he navigates life as a man in his 30s.

Source: The Korea Times