6 K-Pop Groups With Perfect Discographies, According To Netizens

No skips here!

Sometimes, even our favorite groups have songs we don’t like. Recently, a Reddit user posed the question: Are there any groups which don’t have a single bad song in your opinion? Here are six groups that have a perfect discography, according to netizens.


Netizens think that the band ONEWE has a song for every mood. Though their discography is small, all of their songs are high quality according to fans. One redditor notes that their songs are “pure gold.”

2. TXT

Netizens refer to TXT as a group with a “no skip” discography. One user even said that they’d been looping TXT’s entire music library in one playlist for days!

3. CIX

Netizens cite both CIX‘s Korean and Japanese releases in reference to liking all of the group’s music. One user said that there isn’t a song they actively dislike from the group which is, “pretty neat”.


Though ENHYPEN is a group that doesn’t currently have a large number of songs, netizens categorize their music as “certified bops”. Netizens hope that the group can “continue their trajectory in the future”.


Netizens agree that TWICE has many cute and upbeat songs. Fans of the group feel that many of the group’s old songs don’t get as much appreciation and that they are just as good as TWICE’s newer songs.

6. EXO

For some, EXO has what they believe to be a perfect discography. One netizen considered how many songs the group has released and said, “They only have a handful of songs that can be objectively called weak. Which is astounding considering the length of their discography.” 

What other groups would you consider to have only good songs?

Source: Reddit