Here Are 6 K-Pop Idols Whose Representative Emojis Totally Fit Them

They are just like their emojis!

Many K-Pop idols have representative emojis that they add to the ends of tweets from their groups’ accounts and that fans can use to identify which member is speaking in fan translations of videos and interviews.

Some idols’ emojis fit them so well that’s it hard to imagine them being represented by anything else.

Here are 6 K-Pop idols whose representative emojis totally fit them!

1. V (BTS)

V is actually represented by two emojis, a tiger and a bear. He often uses a tiger in his tweets from BTS’s Twitter account, and he adds the emoji to the end of his live stream titles, too.

The tiger emoji totally fits V’s fierce stage persona.

Offstage, V is just as adorable as the tiger emoji, but the equally cute bear emoji also fits his offstage personality.

2. Kai (EXO)

Kai’s representative emoji is a bear, and he’s just as cute as a teddy bear offstage!

He even collaborated with Gucci on a teddy bear-themed collection.

Onstage, Kai is fiercer than a grizzly bear!

As soon as he steps offstage, however, he transforms into the adorable bear we all love.

3. Nayeon (TWICE)

Nayeon is represented by a bunny emoji, and she’s known for her gorgeous, bunny-like visuals.

Her bubbly personality totally reminds us of a happy, energetic bunny.

Whether she’s onstage or offstage, Nayeon’s bunny visuals and lovely personality win fans’ hearts!

4. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

Hoshi is represented by a tiger, and it totally fits!

When he performs, he’s fierce and captivating like a tiger.

When he’s offstage, he’s just as playful as a tiger cub!

5. Soobin (TXT)

Soobin is represented by a bunny, and fans can’t get enough of his handsome, bunny-like visuals!

Soobin is gentle like a sweet bunny, and he’s just as kind to his fans as he is to his fellow TXT members.

Soobin’s representative bunny emoji totally fits his sweet personality and his charming looks!

6. Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin is represented by the cheese emoji and the 6v6 emoticon.

He’s called baby cheese by fans, thanks to a joke made by SHINee’s Minho while the group was filming a variety show.

When the cheese emoji is considered in combination with Taemin’s nickname, it’s the perfect representative of his adorable personality and the older SHINee members’ love for their precious youngest member.

The 6v6 emoticon is meant to represent Taemin’s smile, and it totally fits!


Source: Reddit