6 K-Pop Music Videos That Use Traditional Korean Instruments

They might be rare to see, but they pack a punch.

Although there are many traditional Korean instruments, it’s rare to hear them in K-Pop songs, especially in title tracks. But they do exist, and here’s six of them.


1. Ten’s “Dream In A Dream”

NCT/WayV‘s Ten outdid himself with this traditional-inspired song that was perfectly complemented by the styling and minimalist sets. His graceful dancing and clear vocals fit the modern take on the traditional sound as well.

2. VIXX’s “Shangri-La”

The number of concepts VIXX can pull off is endless. They showed a sexier side of themselves with flowy outfits that were a modern version of traditional dress and incorporated fans into their choreography. How badass is that?

3. Topp Dogg’s “Arario”

Topp Dogg effortlessly fused their signature Hip-Hop sound with traditional Korean instruments and even included a few of them in the actual video, along with many other traditional items. They made it their mission to have the past and present side by side: they succeeded.

4. ONEUS’s “LIT”

Rookie group Oneus showed off a completely different concept for their third comeback. With traditional instruments and sets, traditional-inspired outfits, and lyrics, Oneus delivered everything you could’ve imagined.

5. B.A.P’s “No Mercy”

B.A.P were known for their strong Hip-Hop sound and maintained it along with adding in traditional instruments for this song. Although they only come in during the breakdown, the traditional sounds take the spotlight and still has fans talking about it.

6. BTS’s “IDOL”

This list wouldn’t be complete without the song that took everyone by storm and with a version featuring American rapper Nicki Minaj. From the suits to the dance to the fusion of traditional and modern sound, it’s not hard to understand why it made many people interested in Korean culture.