6 Legendary K-Pop B-Sides That Became More Popular Than The Title Tracks

They were never meant to be THAT popular.

Most K-Pop groups release either a single or A-side in an album that they dub “The Title Track”. Ever important, it is the song that will get the most performances and advertisements.

In some rare moments, however, certain B-side tracks perform even better on the charts than the main song. Here are a few memorable instances where they showed just how far good music can prevail!

1. “Hero” by MONSTA X

“Hero” was never meant to be promoted. Dubbed a “special clip”, it was part of the group’s EP Rush. “Hero” became such a big hit that MONSTA X returned to perform in music shows only a short while after finishing “Rush” promotions.

To date, “Hero” is still MONSTA X’s most viewed music video at almost 100 million views.

2. “Déjà-Boo” by Jonghyun

Jonghyun made his solo debut with his first mini album Base. While “Crazy” was meant to be the title track, the pre-released track “Déjà-Boo” was the one that climbed the charts.

It ended up with eight music show wins, proving Jonghyun’s talent at composing.

3. “Mister” by Kara

Kara‘s “Mister” was the song that propelled them into global stardom. Fans often find it hard to believe that it didn’t even have a Korean music video. Part of their 2009 album Revolution, the original title track was “Wanna”.

The famous “butt dance” and catchy song, however, made “Mister” the go-to song to copy among fellow idols, variety show stars, and even normal citizens on the streets. Kara even used it to break into the Japanese market.

4. “I Like It” by CLC

CLC‘s “I Like It” is often cited as their title track over the real A-side “Where Are You”. Viewers seem to enjoy the former’s playful melody over the latter’s ballad sound.

“I Like It” accumulated over 9 million views while “Where Are You” stood at 2 million.


5. “On Rainy Days” by BEAST

BEAST‘s album Fiction And Fact housed their iconic song “Fiction”. While this went on to win multiple music show trophies, it was their song “On Rainy Days” that really won digitally.

In fact, the slow ballad went on to become the 9th best selling digital single in South Korea for 2011, while “Fiction” was 16th on the Gaon chart.

6. “Dope” by BTS

Finally, the list cannot be completed without BTS’s “Dope”! This song may have peaked at #44 on the Gaon chart while the title track “I NEED U” reached #4, but it still stands as one of BTS‘s highest-performing songs as a whole.

It gave them their big break into the international market as seen particularly in their YouTube views. At over 500 million views, it is more than double “I NEED U” which stands at 200 million. It was, in fact, the first BTS music video to reach 200 million views.

The iconic costumes, memorable beat, and intense dance made it one for the books among ARMYs all over the world.