6 Lesser Known K-Pop Groups Possibly Debuting In The Second Half Of This Year You Won’t Want To Miss

One of the groups may be debuting with 15 members!

It can be hard to keep up with the sheer amount of K-Pop debuts and comebacks that come around every year. That means that many new K-Pop groups are going unnoticed!

Well, we’re here to help you find some new music! These 6 groups are coming up in the second half of this year, and you won’t want to miss it!

Note: As with all pre-debut groups, scheduled debuts are subject to change.


Scheduled for: July 19


SKYLE is a South Korean-Chinese girl group whose name stands for Show the Kinetic and Youth Leading a new Episode. The four members GinnyChaehyeonErin, and Ujeong are from Good Luck Entertainment and are ready to show you what they’ve got in just a few days!

2. Big Dipper

Scheduled for: August

Big Dipper | @aplus_bigdipper/Twitter

Big Dipper is a boy group under A+ Entertainment. There are seven members, including On, Kim EunbiKeil, SuchangSiwoo, Myounghoon, and Choihyun. They are assumed to be coming in August, but they already have a popular TikTok account and their fandom name, Gomie!


🌧 폴킴-비 Cover By 빅디퍼 수창 🌧 우산 씌워줄 사람 없나요?? ☔☔ 부족하지만 좋게 들어주세요!! 💖💖 #빅디퍼 #bigdipper #수창

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – Big-Dipper 빅디퍼 – Big-Dipper 빅디퍼

3. GIG

Scheduled for: August

GIG | @GIG__Official/Twitter

This girl group which stands for Good Influence Girls is under CUP Entertainment! It contains 6 members Line, GN, Dodo, Yejin, Bomin, and Chaehee. The group was set to debut in June but was postponed until August due to Chaehee’s leg injury. GN was a former member of White Day under the name Jihye.


Scheduled for: September

PEACHDAY | @peach_day__official/Instagram

PEACHDAY is a five-member girl group under both Better Company and KNJ Music. The members’ names are Yoonhee, Eunhye, Narin, Juhee, and Soyeon. Members Yoonhee and Soyeon are also in a group called GROW.B, and Narin is a soloist named Narini.


Scheduled for: 2021

DMZA | @dmza_official/Instagram

This girl group and its company U S Media have been through many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are five members named Suhyun, Euijeong, Joonee, Minju, and Youngchae. However, they are currently holding auditions for new members and hope to be a large group (the original lineup was 15 members) when they debut later this year.


Scheduled for: 2021


SOLIA is an upcoming girl group from Space Music! The group consists of 5 members SoreeHayeonSunaSoyeon, and EunbiAll of the members have previously been a part of a dance crew or a performance group.

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