Here are 6 Male Idols Who Could Pass As A Disney Prince

Someday our prince will come!

When you watch a Disney movie, 99% of the time, there is a handsome prince ready to steal the heart of the princess. These K-Pop male idols are so flawless, dashing and full of charisma that they could easily be mistaken for Disney Prince.

1. Jimin (BTS)

With his dazzling smile, flawless facial features and heart-melting personality, BTS‘s Jimin looks like he was taken straight out of a Disney film!

He also has this unrivalled air of elegance in the way he moves whether he is on stage dancing or just strutting his stuff.

2. Yuta (NCT)

Although his gaze may seem cold and piercing at first glance, there is something magical and fairy tale-esque about NCT‘s Yuta.

In reality, he is a warm person whose dazzling good looks have rightly given him the title of Osaka Prince.

3. Seonghwa (ATEEZ)

Seonghwa‘s features are so sharp and distinct that it would be impossible to not notice his beauty in a crowded room.

The ATEEZ also looks at home wearing a crown which is a must for any prince.

4. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Cha Eunwoo has everything a Disney Prince needs from the height, beautiful hair and stunning smile that is enough to melt anyone’s heart.


Whether on stage, on the small screen or even just waking up, he has this effortless beauty about him.

5. Ravn (ONEUS)

Oldest member Ravn isn’t known as the visual of the band for nothing! With his sharp jawline, sparkling eyes and charming smile, it is enough to break any witch’s spell.

| @official_ONEUS

He is also full of confidence and embraces his beauty in the most regal way.

6. Heechul (Super Junior)

Over the years, many fans have compared Heechul to a prince with his charismatic personality and flawless looks.

We can’t forget those beautiful locks which makes him the perfect casting for any Disney movie.

| SM Entertainment