6 Male K-Pop Idols Who Let Out Their Inner Harley Quinn

They dressed up as Harley Quinn!

K-Pop idols love cosplaying! For all their concepts, stages or even just to celebrate Halloween, they love to dress up and taking gorgeous photos of themselves at the height of their character impersonation. Here are 10 male K-Pop idols who dressed up as Harley Quinn, and channelled her in their personas!

1. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

At a Halloween fansign event in 2015, SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan showed up dressed as Harley Quinn! With his long, blonde hair colored red and blue and Harley Quinn’s characteristic make up, he truly did the cosplay justice!


2. INFINITE’s Seungyeol

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol dressed up as Harley Quinn for one of the group’s concerts in 2016! Although the hair with dip-dyed twin ponytails was a wig, and that’s pretty much where the cosplay stopped, Sungyeol looked super happy with the cosplay, and his fans did too!


3. SF9’s Jaeyoon

For SF9‘s Halloween costumes in 2017, Jaeyoon dressed up as Harley Quinn! Though he ditched the ponytails, he dyed his half blue and half red, and also put on the make up that defines Harley Quinn, heart under the eye and all!


4. B.A.P’s Daehyun

B.A.P‘s Daehyun donned the Harley Quinn costume for a concert, and he absolutely killed it in the getup! The long wig was tied up in low twin ponytails, and he totally channeled her for his onstage persona!


5. A.C.E’s Byeongkwan

For the A.C.E‘s 2019 comeback with “Savage”, Byeongkwan took on Harley Quinn’s character as his concept for the MV! He had a long wig that was braided in two, and was dyed Harley Quinn’s characteristic blue and red at the ends!


6. ATEEZ’s Yeosang

For ATEEZ‘s Halloween fansign event in 2019, Yeosang dressed up as Harley Quinn, and truly channeled her in his appearance, with a slight punk twist in his overall look!