6 Male K-Pop Idols Who Often Get Mistaken As Their Group’s Leader

Taeyong is totally NCT’s leader.

Leaders play a vital role in K-Pop. It may seem odd to a newbie K-Pop fan why there are positions related to skill like a main dancer or main vocalist, and then there’s a leader. In reality, this person was chosen to bring the team together and represent them to the media and the company. It takes a special kind of person to lead the group.

Some idols take to this role naturally, regardless if they aren’t officially appointed. Check out some of the best idols who sometimes get mistaken as their group’s leaders!

1. NCT 127 – Taeyong

Most NCTzens collectively call Taeyong the leader of the group, not just for NCT 127 but NCT as a whole. With his obvious skills plus his calm and collected attitude, it makes sense why everyone pins Taeyong as the leader even if NCT technically doesn’t have one.

2. BIGBANG – Taeyang

G-Dragon is BIGBANG‘s actual leader, but Taeyang is a steady and reliable source as well. He often takes the speaking roles whenever the group wins awards, sometimes even opening or closing up interviews.

3. NCT Dream – Mark

Like with Taeyong, Mark being NCT Dream‘s leader was like an open secret during his time in the unit. He was usually the one who talked during interviews and talk shows. Being the eldest of the group, he also took on the group’s emotional burdens before he graduated at the end of 2018.

4. NCT Dream – Jeno

Jeno stepped up as NCT Dream’s de facto leader after Mark’s graduation. He naturally exudes stability and accountability despite his young age, making it understandable why he’d take the helm.

5. WINNER – Mino

While fans are aware that Seungyoon is a very capable leader, Mino can sometimes pass as one as well. He frequently uses his individual popularity to bring attention back to WINNER, not to mention how well he supports his team whenever he reads the mood of variety shows to know if he should be serious or funny. As a bonus, Mino was actually the group’s leader back when they were still Team A in WIN: Who is Next?

6. EXO – Xiumin

Finally, Xiumin is also considered one of the most dependable EXO members. He seems to be the one who takes the brunt of the “leadership duties” if ever Suho is absent. Born in 1990, he is a reliable hyung whom the others can lean on for support.