6 Male Stars That Somehow Still Look Good Even When Taking The Worst Selfies

Even bad selfies can’t hide their visuals.

Now we all know just how handsome some of these celebrities are, with flawless visuals all day every day, but there is just one downfall. They can’t take selfies even if their life depended on it. What’s funny is that they rock god-like visuals in person and even in media and photoshoots, but when it comes to taking their own photos, it takes a whole different turn.

Let’s take a look at six male celebrities that just can’t seem to get the selfie angle right!

1. Kang Dong Won

| Insight

Actor Kang Dong Won, who is 41 years old this year, still has the ‘college oppa’ look going for him. His visuals don’t seem to age at all! But whenever he posts a selfie, fans can’t help but be confused.

2. Kim Soo Hyun

| @soohyun_k216/Instagram

Actor Kim Soo Hyun comes up with the strangest angles for selfies. In reality though, he has a smaller face than most female actresses and is known for his refreshing looks. He has brought a lot of laughter to fans for his selfies taken while looking down at the camera.

3. Sehun (EXO)

| @oohsehun/Instagram

We can’t forget EXO’s Sehun as another celebrity that can’t take selfies for the life of him. Most of his selfies consist of one particular part of his face. These days, most of his photos are taken with a mask, covering almost half of his face. But whenever the company releases official photos of him, he looks like a totally different person.

4. Taemin (SHINee)

| @lm_____ltm/Instagram

Even with his bright skin and pretty facial features, he just can’t seem to get his selfie game! Most of his selfies are of him looking far off in the distance while taken from interesting angles.

5. Shownu (MONSTA X)

| @official_monsta_x/Instagram

MONSTA X fans have chosen Shownu as the worst selfie taker which says a lot! Many of his selfies consist of super zoomed-in close-ups, photos with a lot of white space, and strange angles.

6. Changmin (TVXQ)

| @changmin88/Instagram

Last but definitely not least is TVXQ’s Changmin. Although he was born with prominent facial features, they aren’t shown much in his selfies. He is known for taking super close up face shots using the normal camera lens, bringing confusion to fans.

But we all know that even with these somewhat strange selfie styles that it can’t hide their visuals!

Source: insight