Here Are 6 Messages From BTS’s RM That Will Warm Your Heart

Salute to our leader!

We all know just how caring and thoughtful BTS’s leader RM is when it comes to music and their fans. He is known among fans for always posting and expressing his thoughts through heartwarming messages. Here are a few of his sweet messages that he has left for fans in the past.


1. BTS Diary Chapter 1 <Autumn> October 7, 2013

“Disappointing all of you is what I’m most scared of in this world. Like I always say, there is no me if there is no you. ARMY! They say that if I achieve my dreams I can become the dream of someone else. I want to be this kind of person. I want to be the dreams for all of you. I feel as if this is my duty. I hope to be a leader and artist that continues to be better than today. I love you.”

2. 2nd Muster

“I think of you guys when the wind blows because then my empty heart becomes strong. I hope that my existence make you feel like that too. Thorns and waves may hurt us but I believe that they cannot hurt the deepest parts of our hearts.”


“ARMYs right now are the first for BTS right? I hope that after time goes by, we will make sure to make you proud for being our ARMY. You will be able to say, “I was a BTS fan since then!” The fact that you knew us from the beginning will have everyone else jealous.”

4. During a concert

“Please use me. Please use BTS to love yourself. Just like how you guys taught me how to love myself.”

5.  2020 New Year Message on Weverse

“I will not break down and will understand the words ‘I love you’ just as they mean. I hope that we will continue to be meaningful to one another. I hope that we will be full of love and trust instead of hiding our happiness.”

6. Twitter on January 12, 2016

“Thank you for being mine and our fans. I am also your fan. I am a fan that supports your internal struggles that you face everyday. I send you all a love letter through my music that I have created in the studio. I hope that you will read and listen to my longing voice and story.”

How can fans not love this amazing leader! Let us know any other messages RM has left for fans!