Here Are 6 Mind-Blowing Korean Skincare Hacks You Probably Never Thought Of Before

You’re doing #3 completely wrong.

We’ve heard the same old Korean beauty tips time and time again: Follow a skincare routine, drink water, blah blah blah. When these age-old tips just aren’t cutting it, you can look to some unique beauty hacks that actually make a lot of sense when you think about them. Here are 6 unique ideas to incorporate into your routine that will make you go “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?”

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1. Mouth exercises can do wonders.

To boost blood circulation to your cheeks and face, mouth exercises can help a great deal.

Gently patting the face is another form of increasing blood circulation. 

Saying “A, E, I, O, U” in an exaggerated manner can help stimulate collagen production. After a while of not speaking, try repeating this a couple of times — It feels like a refreshing stretch for facial muscles!

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2. Say goodbye to sheet masks.

Perhaps you’re thinking: “But wait, everyone uses sheet masks?”

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This is true for people with normal to dry skin, but if you’re already quite oily, sometimes sheet masks can leave you feeling greasy. If this sounds like your skin type, consider opting for modeling or clay masks. These can help to reduce pore size and contain less harsh ingredients.

Popular brands include Innisfree, Elizavecca, and The Face Shop.

3. Ditch the towels.

We’re all guilty of sometimes being a little too aggressive drying our faces. Cue the montage of us aggressively wiping our face with the nearest convenient towel.

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Instead, letting your face air dry allows your skin to retain more moisture. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a clean towel. Once the skin is fairly dry, proceed with your routine and lock in moisture.

4. Try A Foot Sheet Mask.

When we talk about skincare, we mean all of it. Plus, with the warmer spring and summer months approaching, your feet might be in a less-than-desirable state from the cold winter air.

Restore moisture with a foot sheet mask that can help with dry skin like a mask from Innisfree, Mediheal, or Karuna.

5. Sun sticks are your new best friend.

Sun sticks are the portable and less messy option for skin protection. They absorb into the skin much more quickly compared to liquid sunscreen and are much less messy. Many popular skincare brands such as Innisfree, Mamonde, and AHC are carrying sunsticks for affordable prices.

6. Change what goes inside to help what’s outside.

We know that consuming health supplements and a nutritious diet can help your skin, but by the same token, consuming a diet of junk food can really mess with the progress of your skin.

Barley tea is rich in antioxidants and used by Koreans to help improve skin health.