6 Moments BTS’s Jimin Didn’t Miss His Chance To Say Thank You

Jimin is a humble king.

BTS‘s Jimin is known for always voicing his thoughts and gratitude towards fans and members. He is always finding opportunities to express his thanks in any way he can. Here are some moments he never missed his chance in saying thank you.

1. During their recent live stream, they each read what their goal was for this year.

Jimin’s goal was “to show ARMYs their best performance and to always show gratitude daily.”

2. RM recalls the time that he went straight to work just four days after receiving surgery.

Jimin took this opportunity to thank RM for his efforts.

“I was really thankful. RM wrote almost all the lyrics this time around…even though he was in that condition.”

“I was thankful that our hyungs wrote the lyrics because we were all able to relate to them since we are a team.”

3. Jin felt that sometimes it was hard to stay positive

Jin: My motto is to always stay positive in any situation. I really don’t like dark situations and so I try to make things bright. But sometimes this can backfire and I get hurt.

Jimin: Whenever I see you hurt because of things like this, I hope you realize that it is also because of you that we are all able to laugh brightly.

4. Thankful for other members’ efforts

“I was really thankful to V and Jin because although we were busy with practicing…”

“…they tried their best to communicate with fans. I was really thankful for that.”

5. Thankful for interactions between members

V recalled a time he received a text from Suga that read, “I love you.”

After hearing this, Jimin commented, “That’s so touching. Suga that’s really touching. Why am I so thankful for this?”

6. He always thanks fans for congratulating and wishing other members a happy birthday.

“Thanks to all the ARMYs that came out today and thank you for wishing Taehyung a happy birthday!”

“Thanks to everyone that came out to the music broadcast! I was so touched by everyone that sang happy birthday to Jungkook! We wrapped all the signs you gave us on him! Happy birthday!”

ARMYs are always thankful for you Jimin! We hope that you know how much we love and care for you too!