6 Moments When Lee Jong Suk’s Crush On IU Was Totally Obvious

#4 was so, so obvious.

Singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk were announced as Dispatch’s New Year’s Couple, and the pair quickly became all the internet could talk about.  In Lee Jong Suk’s letter to fans, he revealed his heart “always belonged to IU.”

Lee Jong Suk

Here are 6 moments that, in retrospect, show how obvious his crush on IU was! 

1. The way he looked at her while they were both MCs.

2. This MC moment when he said he’d miss her.

3. Saying that he had a “good relationship” with her.

In 2013, on an episode of Potato Star, Jong Suk referred to IU as someone he had a “good relationship” with.

4. When he returned from Japan in 2017, he immediately went to her concert.

Forget jetlag, IU was much more important!

5. All the times he recommended her songs.

Over the years, Jong Suk has constantly recommended her songs!

6. This interview.

Jong Suk described his idea type as someone  “wise, resilient, someone I can respect, and more than anything, I hope she’s adorable.” This absolutely fits the adorable IU to a T!

Check out the couple’s astrological compatibility below!

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