6 Moments That Prove TWICE’s Dahyun And Tzuyu Are The Best President And Vice President Duo

They’re both great class officers!

After seeing the latest episode of Time To Twice, we wish TWICE‘s Dahyun and Tzuyu were our class president and vice president!

TWICE’s Tzuyu (left) and Dahyun (right) | @twicetagram/YouTube

Here are 6 moments from the first episode of TDOONG High School Season 2 that prove Dahyun and Tzuyu are the best, most chill class officers ever!

1. When Dahyun was an extremely lenient line leader

Have you ever had to quietly walk with your classmates in a single file line at school? The TDOONG High School students can’t relate!

| TWICE/YouTube

Dahyun let her fellow THS students clap, cheer, and skip as they walked into the school building.

2. When Dahyun ignored the dress code’s rules about nail polish

According to Sana, students “get a penalty for wearing nail polish to school.” 

Even though Dahyun was the class president, she was pretty lenient when it came to reminding the students about the school’s dress code, and she even rocked cute green nail polish in class!

3. When Tzuyu revealed that she feels a lot of pressure as vice president, but she’ll do her best

TWICE’s youngest member is so hard-working! Tzuyu revealed that she’s under “a lot of pressure” as her class’s vice president, but she’ll do her best to serve her classmates well.

In classic Tzuyu fashion, she’s always thinking of others!

4. When Tzuyu sweetly thanked TWICE’s Secret Friend for inviting them to Sports Day

The TDOONG High School students were invited to another school for Sports Day by a Secret Friend whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet. Although she’s not sure who invited them, Tzuyu sweetly thanked TWICE’s Secret Friend for inviting them on behalf of the whole class.

“Thank you for inviting us here!” | TWICE/YouTube

 5. When Dahyun laughed at Nayeon sneaking her phone into class

Even though students aren’t supposed to have their phones out during class at THS, Dahyun didn’t scold Nayeon for being on her phone in class.

Dahyun simply said “hey” and laughed when Nayeon pulled her phone out, which proves what a chill class president she is. In fact, she was so lenient that Momo pulled her phone out, too!

6. When Dahyun gave the most inspiring speech before the Sports Day fun began

Sometimes, the best speeches don’t even require words! When Dahyun reached into her pocket while standing in front of the class, the other THS students thought she was pulling out a speech she wrote. However, she pulled out something even better: A sweet finger heart!

The other TDOONG High School students thought Dahyun’s speech was hilarious, and we’re sure they were super pumped for all the Sports Day festivities!

See the full episode of TDOONG High School below.