6 Notable Artists Whose Works Are Part of BTS’s RM’s Impressive Art Collection

RM hopes to hold a small exhibit someday to share his collection with the public.

BTS‘s RM‘s love for art entails visiting museums all over Europe and the US, and collecting art pieces for his home. His art collection is a mix of paintings and sculpture works from Korean and foreign artists he encountered through his journeys in pursuit of art. RM hopes to hold even a small exhibit of his art collection someday to share his joy in art with others who might be similarly inclined.

Here are six notable artists whose art pieces form part of RM’s art collection.

1. Kwon Jin Kyu

Kwon Jin Kyu was a Korean Asian Modern & Contemporary artist born in 1922. RM has the “Horse” sculpture as part of his collection and even lent the piece to the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) to be part of their exhibit last April.

| @rkive/Instagram

2. Roni Horn

This is probably RM’s most expensive art piece at $1.2 million, a translucent, solid glass cylinder measuring 50.8 cm. x 91.4 cm. The piece is titled Untitled (But the boomerang that returns is not the same one I threw). The work’s title is based on a literary quote from Sputnik Sweetheart, a novel by Haruki Murakami, an author RM has been seen reading and discussed as an inspiration for his songwriting.

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3.  Jung Young Joo

Jung Young Joo is known for her paintings of quaint Korean villages that are fast disappearing due to urbanization. These villages gave her a sense of nostalgia and empathy, hence her preference for painting these as a subject. RM acquired her piece “Disappearing Hometown 730,” a large 150×150 cm painting.

| @rkive/Instagram

4.  Thibaud Herem

Thibaud Herem is an established illustrator whose work has been featured in major campaigns on the London underground and numerous magazines and blogs. The artwork RM got from him was captioned  “Cherry Blossom Bunjae.”

| @thibaudherem/Instagram

5. Lee Dae Won

Lee Dae Won was a Korean Asian Modern & Contemporary painter characterized as an impressionist artist born in 1921. RM shared in a podcast that his first purchased artwork was one of Lee Dai Won’s works.

6. Yun Hyong Keun

Yun Hyong Keun was a South Korean artist associated with the Dansaekhwa movement (Korean monochrome movement). Yun is known for the smearing effects of burnt umber and ultramarine blue paints on raw canvas or linen, which depicts a Korean sensibility of reflection and meditation.

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Source: BTS’s RM reveals the major artworks in his collection, including a recently purchased $1.2M Roni Horn