6 Of Red Velvet Irene’s Most Unforgettable Hairstyles Since Debut

Doesn’t matter what hairstyle, Irene is beautiful every second!

With each album, Red Velvet member Irene pulls off a new look that is simply wow. Here are some of her most drop-dead gorgeous hairstyles so far!


1. The Two-Toned Look

Irene had half-brown half-pink hair during the promotion of “Happiness”. Though the color combo was quite shocking, Irene looked like a princess. Fans loved the hairstyle and the “two-toned look” immediately began trending.


2. The Blonde Look

When Irene went blonde for “Ice Cream Cake” promotions, fans went wild. Even in this quite classic K-Pop look, Irene stood out. She looked like an actual elf, straight from the fairy tales!


3. The Light Brown Look

Irene toned down to a light brown when she promoted “Dumb Dumb”. This ashy brown hair color became a popular choice among many fans. This sandy, light brown hairstyle is one of the most frequented looks in K-Pop, but Irene surely set the record for making it look unique.


4. The Purple Look

For their “Russian Roulette” album promotions, Irene went purple. This color, often impossible to do without looking like a grape or an eggplant, suited Irene as if it was her natural hair. The purple complemented her fair skin so well!


5. The Wine Look

Irene had wine-colored hair when Red Velvet promoted “Rookie”. The red in her hair and on her lips really brought out her flawless skin tone. Irene defined what the red wine hairstyle should look like.


6. The Pitch Black Look

For both “Red Flavor” and “Peek-A-Boo” promotions, Irene rocked her natural black hair color. In black, she looked absolutely fierce and beautiful. Fans think this resembles the time shortly after she debuted, when she promoted “Be Natural” and also had a black hairstyle.


6. The Bang Look

When Irene got bangs, fans fell in love all over again. Irene tried various styles of bangs, including choppy bangs and see-through bangs, all of which have made countless fans run to the salon themselves!

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