These 6 Pairs Of Lookalike Labelmates Prove Their Companies Have A Type

These labelmates could pass for siblings.

When it comes to looks, every company in K-Pop has a type. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at these labelmates and try to spot the similarities.

1. Big Hit Entertainment’s Type

Not only does Big Hit Entertainment’s TXT have a member with a similar name to BTS’s V (real name Taehyung, similar to TXT’s Taehyun), the group also has a member who looks similar: Yeonjun.

The two have some similar features, but it’s often their identical expressions that really make them look alike. The similarity became even stronger when

2. JYP Entertainment’s Type

To see what kind of look JYP Entertainment prefers in its female artists, you only need to look at Sohee from Wonder Girls and Yeji from ITZY.

Both girls have bright, clear skin and a cat-like eye shape.

3. SM Entertainment’s Type

SM Entertainment has a type too. Many fans have pointed out that Taeyong from NCT looks like a younger version of Kim Jaejoong, former member of TVXQ.

The biggest similarities between the two are their big eyes and sharp jawlines.

4. Cube Entertainment’s Type

At first glance, you may not think Hyuna and (G)I-DLE’s Soojin look all that alike. After all, Soojin has a rounder face while Hyuna’s is sharper. But the two actually have a lot of visual similarities.

Both girls have full lips that look great in red and eyes that instantly draw attention.

5. YG Entertainment’s Type

When you look at G-Dragon from BIGBANG and Mino from WINNER, there’s no doubt that YG Entertainment has a type in mind for male idols.

Their eye and lip shapes are very similar, which makes them look even more like each other when they smile.

6. Starship Entertainment’s Type

IZ*ONE’s Yujin may not currently be promoting under her company, Starship Entertainment, but she definitely has a striking similarity to her labelmate EXY from Cosmic Girls.

Both EXY and Yujin have long, lean faces and gentle-looking eyes. Fans must have told them they look alike, because they once uploaded selfies together asking fans for their thoughts on the similarities.