6 People Who Rejected Casting Offers From SM, JYP, And YG

They may have turned down the Big 3 but they’re still doing pretty well.

1. Bang Jae Min

Jae Min rejected offers by YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment because he didn’t want to be an idol. But after appearing on High School Rapper, he decided he could see himself becoming one. He is currently chasing his dream by participating in High School Rapper 2. Rumor has it that he has even signed with Amoeba Culture.


2. Clara

The model and actress received offers from JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment but had no interest in singing so she refused. But that didn’t stop her from entering the entertainment industry. She has had some great success in modeling and taken part in many dramas and movies. Her last project was Meloholic where she played Yun Kyung Ae.


3. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik turned down SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment when he was in high school. Later he would take the offer made by Star Empire Entertainment and become a member of ZE:A. In 2012, he started his acting career with I Remember You. Since then he’s taken on more and more roles and is often more associated with acting than singing! His latest project, Suits, is expected to begin airing April 25.


4. Vivian Cha

Vivian Cha may be known as Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s cousin in some circles, but she’s actually a very successful model who turned down both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. She was originally studying classical flute but won a modeling contest when she was 21 and has continued in the profession since.


5. Jessi

Back in 2016, Jessi revealed that she could have been a trainee under SM Entertainment. She admitted that she had actually passed the audition but decided to reject the company. And she never regretted her decision! She’s made a pretty big name for herself in the hip-hop world and even released her first mini-album last year. Most recently she did a collaboration with Flowsik. The video has 500,000 views after just five days.


6. Ryu Hyun Kyung

When Ryu Hyun Kyung was 7 she went to a Jinusean fan signing event and was made an offer by a YG Entertainment manager to become a trainee. But because she had always wanted to become an actress she rejected the offer. Then, at 12, she made her acting career. Since then she has starred in numerous dramas and movies. And she has also worked as a director with success.

Source: 1boon