Here Are 6 Popular BTS “Subunits” Named By ARMYs, Loved By ARMYs

No need to choose – stan all of them.

BTS is the strongest when all seven of the members are together. But with so much personality brought to the table by each member, ARMYs can’t help but create “subunits” that group some of them together for whatever they have in common. And these units, so cleverly named by ARMYs, are absolutely beloved by ARMYs all over the world!


1. The 3J Unit

The 3J Unit of BTS, also known as the Dance Line, consists of J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook. Fans love watching this unit’s dance videos – as their moves are extra graceful and simply breathtaking. The 3Js have their own K-Pop style greeting as well, which the fans absolutely adore:


2. The Bermuda Unit

As the name “Bermuda Unit” suggests, once you’re in this unit – you’re in for good. This triad of BTS’s visual kings is a blessing for fans who want handsome, handsome, and more handsome. The Bermuda Unit is comprised of Jungkook, Jin, and V – three members whose looks have long been conquering the globe. And ARMYs often find themselves unable to handle the visual explosion that is this unit’s strongest game:


3. The Maknae Unit

The Maknae Unit, made up of BTS’s youngest members Jimin, V, and Jungkook, is a playful one, with all the young fun energy being jam packed. These “maknaez” love to roast their “hyungs”, or the older members, and really fear nothing once they’re together and invincible.

BTS’s Maknae line is notorious for mocking their Hyungs


4. The Ji-Jin-Jung Unit

Here comes the comic unit of BTS! Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook together create the Ji-Jin-Jung Unit, best known for being the most hilarious members – whose personalities have completely conquered the realm of BTS’s live broadcasts. As a wholesome subunit, the Ji-Jin-Jung members can often be found cracking up over nothings – mainly while the oldest member Jin and the youngest member Jungkook bicker and Jimin mediates.


5. The Rappers Unit

BTS’s rappers, RM, Suga, and J-Hope, have their own unit as well. The unit name is straight-forward and the unit’s identity is also straight-forward. The Rappers Unit is actually the fiercest unit from BTS, with their rhymes and flows dominating the idol rap game, but at the same time – they’re the softest. ARMYs who dig this unit are especially in love with this duality!


6. The Kim Bros Unit

BTS’s Kim Bros Unit, consisting of the members V, RM, and Jin sharing the same last name, is actually as close as real bros can get. Jin, the unit’s unofficial leader, is often spotted leading this Team of Kims; and their fandom is multiplying by the second that it could potentially rival the Bermuda visual unit by being this cool, this awesome!

Source: THEQOO