6 Reasons Why Idols NEED YOU As Much As You Need Them

Are you proud to be a fan yet?

1. Fans are supportive of everything their idols do

If an idol is faced with a difficult decision to leave a group or even want to start a relationship with someone, fans are always supportive of their idols’ decisions. They promise to respect their idols choices and believe in them.


2. They know how to cheer their idols up

Whenever an idol is ridiculed for a mistake that they’ve made, their fans are ready to step up and cheer them up. Sometimes it can be something small like posting comments or something as big as making a hashtag trend worldwide.


3. They give the best birthday surprises ever

Fan clubs usually collect money, gifts, or birthday wishes from a large amount of fans and pile it all together to make a big gift for their idol. If they happen to go on tour during their birthday, fans will make an opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to them and present a cake on stage.


4. Fan chants show the strength of unity among the fans

Fan chants are the epitome of unity during concerts. To hear all the fans sing together in unison along with their idol can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for both the fans and idol.


5. They do good deeds in the name of their idol

Many fans group together to make donations in the name of their idols. Some make donations of a large amount of rice to charities for children and families who cannot afford to eat.

6. When one idol stars in a drama, the whole staff gets to eat

Whenever one of their favorite idols is starring in a movie, fans will buy and send a truckload of food to the filming set and the whole staff is allowed to eat. Usually a banner is attached to the truck, saying that the meal is given on behalf of the idol.