Here Are 6 Reasons Why NCT’s Jungwoo Is A True Ace

Jungwoo can do it all!

NCT‘s Jungwoo can truly do it all!

NCT’s Jungwoo | @nct/Instagram

Here are 6 reasons why Jungwoo is an ace!

1. He’s got the voice of an angel

Jungwoo’s voice is so beautiful! He’s an incredibly versatile vocalist, and he hits every note effortlessly. Recently, he really blew NCTzens minds with his powerful belting in “Favorite (Vampire)” and his sultry vocals in “Universe (Let’s Play Ball).”

2. He’s a great dancer

Jungwoo isn’t just a great singer; he’s a great dancer, too! His moves are super sharp, and he’s able to fully express his emotions through his dancing. Often, his parts become the killing part of the choreography, like his iconic move from “Sticker!”

3. He’s every variety show’s dream

Jungwoo is the perfect variety show guest! He always seems so comfortable when he’s on variety shows, and he’s not afraid to try things that he knows will make NCTzens laugh like his infamous version of the “Ottoke Song.”

4. He’s a great MC

Jungwoo is crushing it as an MC on MBC‘s Music Core. His lively personality makes him so fun to watch, and he always has great interactions with the show’s featured artists and with his fellow MCs.

5. He’s a natural comedian

Jungwoo is absolutely hilarious! He can make absolutely anything fun just by telling a few jokes. He often makes jokes when they’re least expected, and his comedic timing is simply perfection!

6. His visuals are perfection

In addition to being super talented, charming, and hilarious, Jungwoo is extremely handsome! He can pull off any hair color, fashion style, and concept.