6 Reasons NCT’s Johnny Is The Most Kindhearted Idol Ever

Johnny is now a fine young man, handsome, talented, and sweet.

NCT‘s Johnny has fans falling in love with him all over again, as footages of his past chivalry surface and prove that underneath his city-chic look lies a gentleman with a heat of gold.


1. Johnny the Graduation Fairy

When the younger members of NCT graduate, Johnny the graduation fairy appears and gives them a ride on his strong, broad shoulders. For NCT’s Mark, Johnny even prepared the largest bouquet he could find.


2. Johnny the Masseuse

On Lipstick Prince, Johnny gave Soyou a shoulder massage. He gently places his hands on her shoulders and starts massaging. When Soyou said, “You can squeeze harder”, only then did Johnny more a bit more force into his hands on her shoulders! He also explained he used to give shoulder massages for his mother, which surprised the hosts who then claimed Johnny is a good son.


3. Johnny the Good Brother

During a NCT’s Nightnight radio broadcast with EXO‘s Suho and Sehun as guests, Johnny was teased about crying a lot while he was a trainee. After calling Johnny a crybaby, Suho playfully mentioned that he cries a lot too. To that, Johnny sweetly said, “Oh no, please don’t cry, hyung (형).” Listeners immediately fell in love with how, even in such a short moment, Johnny’s heart of gold shined with this comment.


4. Johnny the Chivalrous

As female idols stepped on to the stage, Johnny realized that the wire from the mic he was holding could be dangerous for the ladies. He quickly lowered his mic so the wires touch the ground and the girls simply walked over without tripping!


5. Johnny the Professional Texter

Johnny’s teammate, NCT’s Doyoung, stated that he receives texts from Johnny every Sunday morning. It turned out Johnny sent Doyoung encouraging text messages before Doyoung began shooting Inkigayo as the show host!


6. Johnny the Writer

When Johnny has to write to his teammates, he always pours his heart out. Never does Johnny skip the chance to write long, thoughtful comments for his fellow NCT members! Johnny is indeed the father figure of the team!