6 Reasons Not To Miss The Hilarious “Run BTS Episode 89”

The boys have never been more chaotic and funnier!

Run BTS has been providing the most hilarious BTS web content since 2015.

The spontaneity and humor of this reality series is at its best though, in the latest episode!

Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t miss “Episode 89” of Run BTS.

1. Jin’s awesome hoodie

Don’t be surprised if at the start of the episode you don’t see Jin seated with the other members. He’s actually there. He’s the one next to Jungkook in a blue jacket with a monster mask. Except that it’s not a monster mask but an awesome hoodie. Hello there Worldwide Handsome!

2. The must–have UNO BTS Edition cards

The “UNO Card” game, a “Run BTS” favorite, now released special edition “UNO BTS Cards”, which shows off photos of BTS members in each of the cards. Let’s all hope these cards will also be made available for fans to purchase.

3. Jungkook’s hysterically funny dancing

A twist to the “UNO Card” game was the inclusion of a “dancing card”. If a member gets to pick the “dancing card”, the next member to pick a card will dance instead of picking a card. This happened to Jungkook when RM picked the “dancing card”. The look of panic Jungkook made when their song “Lost” played, his improvised choreography (because he totally forgot the dance moves for this song), and the laughter of the other members all made up for quite a hilarious scene!

4. Jin’s complicated charades moves

One of the games they played in this episode was “Charades”, wherein they had to describe a certain line from one of their songs through actions only.  Jin made weird moves to describe a line from their song “Butterfly” without much success. Jungkook finally got which line he was referring to, but not before they were all collapsing with laughter over Jin’s actions.

5. The Jikook Hug

It was Jimin‘s turn to describe the line from a song and he was pretty nervous, probably thinking no one would get the right answer. The golden maknae saved the day and guessed the right line, making Jimin so relieved that he hugged his buddy in appreciation. Of course, this made a lot of Jikook fans really happy.

6. When Jimin stumbled, Jungkook followed

After his turn, Jimin went to his seat and listened to Suga for his turn in “Charades” . But Jimin lost his balance and fell off his seat. Jungkook approached to help him get up but stumbled over Jimin’s foot as well. It was such a funny mess!

There are still so many humorous moments to be seen in “Episode 89 of RUN BTS”.