6 Songs That Unexpectedly Rose To The Top Of The Charts For Unique Reasons

You may be familiar with them.

Songs typically rise to the top of music charts either right after their release or never at all. Some songs, however, have unexpectedly risen to the top of the charts months or even years after their initial release. If you want to know what songs they are, read on!

1. Rain – “GANG”

Rain released the song “GANG” in 2017. At that time, it was criticized for sounding old fashioned. Around six months ago, however, a high school girl released a cover of the song on Youtube, causing it to rank in the Top 100 songs of real-time charts.

2. Jun Jin – “Wa”

Veteran singer Jun Jin released the song “Wa” twelve years ago. It is a song that talks about the dynamic between a man and woman who meet in a club and hope to see each other again. Even though this song is over a decade old, it started charting recently after many netizens took an interest in it again.

3. EXID – “UP & DOWN”

EXID‘s “UP & DOWN” may not have topped the charts right after its release, but it served to be their breakout song in the industry. In October 2014, a netizen uploaded a fancam of Hani performing to “UP & DOWN”, and it quickly became viral.

4. 2PM – “My House”

2PM released the title track “My House” in 2015 as part of their fifth studio album. Although it had been five years since its initial release, the song saw a spike in popularity in January after netizens began revisiting its music video.

5. N.Flying – “Rooftop”

Similar to EXID, N.Flying‘s “Rooftop” is their breakout song in the industry. It is a song that enabled them to finally win number one in music shows four years after their debut. Commonly referred to as their “sleeper hit”, “Rooftop” slowly but surely climbed to the top of music charts mostly due to word of mouth.

6. Yoon Jong Shin – “Like It”

Last but not the least, veteran singer Yoon Jong Shin also experienced a resurgence of his song on music charts. When he had released “Like It” in 2017, it had charted at #93 on real-time charts. Online word of mouth, however, began to rise, and it was able to rank #10 a month later. Once it reached the top, it stayed there for a while.

Source: Insight