Here Are 6 Stunning K-Pop Idols Who All Share The Name “Jisoo”

6 idols share this name, and they’re all amazing in their own right!

K-Pop is full of gorgeous, talented idols, and we often know our faves from the fun stage names they adopt for their idol career! Some use either their birth names for their stage names, or come up with new ones entirely, giving them a chance to reinvent themselves with new personas to appeal to their fans with! With so many idols, the names have a tendency to overlap, and thus, many idols end up sharing names. Here are 6 idols with the name “Jisoo”, and you’re guaranteed to be in love with the different “Jisoo”s who bring their own vibe and color to K-Pop!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (Kim Jisoo)

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is the group’s lead vocalist and oldest member, and is known for her low, husky voice, gorgeous visuals, and adorably dorky personality! She’s always there to cheer up her fellow members, and she makes sure that there’s never a dull moment around her!


2. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua (Hong Jisoo)

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is the handsome lead vocalist of his group! While he was born and raised in the U.S., his Korean name is Hong Jisoo, making him eligible for this list! He’s known to be a talented vocalist, and is also known to be quiet, soft-spoken and very well-mannered by adoring fans!


3. ITZY’s Lia (Choi Jisu)

ITZY‘s Lia is the group’s main vocalist, and fans love her for her adorable personality, unique vocal tone and sweet smile! Lia’s stage name was taken from her English name Julia, but her birth name is listed as Choi Jisu!


4. TWICE’s Jihyo (Park Jisoo)

TWICE‘s Jihyo is the group’s leader and main vocalist, but is also noted for her exceptional talent as a dancer! Her birth name is Park Jisoo, but she legally changed her name to Park Jihyo around 2014, right before SIXTEEN took place!


5. Lovelyz’s Jisoo (Seo Jisoo)

Lovelyz‘s Jisoo is the group’s main dancer, and is always wowing fans with her sharp and crisp dance moves onstage! Her birth name is Seo Jisoo, and upon her debut, she decided to use her birth name as her stage name as well, becoming Jisoo from Lovelyz!


6. Busters’ Jisoo (Jeong Jisu)

BustersJisoo is the group’s leader and visual, and is well-known among fans for her amazingly good looks! She’s also an actress, and fans can’t wait to see Jeong Jisu active as an actress soon!