6 Things Fans Wish They Could Ban BTS’s Jungkook From Doing Because It’s Just Too Hot

The duality with this man is crazy!

Fans of BTS’s Jungkook know that although he is the adorable golden maknae of the group, there also times he showcases his duality, giving fans total heart attacks.

| Run BTS!/ Weverse

Here are some moments when Jungkook reveals his charisma without even trying!

1. Walking while wearing a hoodie

This totally ordinary course of action is making it hard for fans to breathe.

This slow yet sexy way of walking totally hits different when it’s Jungkook.

2. Unconsciously touching his rustled hair

This subconscious move of touching his hair gives the ‘I woke up like this’ phrase new meaning.

3. Carrying huge bags as if it’s nothing

Jungkook is known for carrying a lot of things with him, making his bag super heavy and big.

But the way he carries it so effortlessly gives off total sexy vibes.

4. Wearing ball caps

Jungkook and his black ball caps are his go-to look…

…and fans still can’t get used to how hot he is.

5. Wearing ball caps while drinking chocolate milk.

Although Jungkook wearing ball caps is sexy, seeing him wear a hat while drinking chocolate milk is the definition of duality! How cute can he be?

6. Carrying cute pouches

Last but not least, the toiletry bag and pouches he carries inside his big bulky bags are not what you would expect! He is always seen carrying cute bags with characters on them, showing a whole different side to his look.

The gap between Jungkook’s duality is so wide that it’s hard for fans to handle both cute and sexy at the same time!

Source: theqoo