6 Things Everyone Wants To See On Red Velvet Yeri’s New YouTube Channel

YeriTube could be everything we need and more.

On May 9, Red Velvet’s Yeri greeted fans in a YouTube video with her former Law of the Jungle co-stars and besties—comedian Lee Seung Yoon and actress Lee Yeol Eum. And during the vlog, Yeri asked viewers to leave suggestions of what they’d like to see if she starts her own YouTube channel. While she hasn’t 100% confirmed anything yet, if Yeri does decide to start making videos, there are 6 things everyone wants to see on her channel.

1. Vocal & dance covers

If there’s one thing “YR Reveluvs” want more of, it’s chances to see Yeri shine. So, if Yeri ever starts a YouTube channel, everyone is praying that she’ll post her own singing and dance covers of popular idol songs.

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She already posts song covers on Instagram, so there’s definitely hope to see them on YouTube too.

2. Her songwriting process

Yeri has been an avid songwriter and composer since Red Velvet debuted, finally getting to release her self-written song “Dear Diary” back in 2019.

Yeri has shared some insights about her songwriting process in interviews, such as how she always comes up with lyrics before melodies. So, it would definitely be great to see that method in video.

3. ‘Let’s play’ gaming videos

Gaming ‘let’s play’ videos would definitely be a great addition to YeriTube. She’s been obsessed with video games for years, to the point that her fellow members even bought her high-end gaming PC accessories for her birthday.

Her favorite games are Overwatch and PUBG, both of which are popular on YouTube.

4. Fashion & makeup tips

Recently, Yeri has been attracting more and more attention for her cute and chic fashion sense. Many fans would love to see her put out style tips and clothing hauls for inspiration.

Since Yeri also just became to muse for new makeup brand Colette, makeup tips and ‘get ready with me’ videos would be much appreciated too.

5. Diet & workout tips

These days, Yeri is obsessed with pilates—and it’s definitely been paying off. She says the workouts are how she stays in such great shape despite eating a lot.

Her figure looks incredible and super-healthy right now, so any nutrition and workout secrets she could share would surely be much appreciated.

6. Behind the scenes

And, of course, who wouldn’t want a glimpse behind the scenes of Yeri’s hectic life? Alongside behind the scenes vlogs of Red Velvet and individual activities, it would be fun to get more sneak peeks into her life too—such as a ‘What’s In My Bag’ video or a room tour.

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