6 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Proved She Was Destined For New York City

One week in NYC wasn’t long enough!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has shaken up “The Big Apple” over the past week with her stunning appearance at the Met Gala. Not only did she attend one of fashion’s biggest nights, but Rosé has been proving herself to be quite the New Yorker during her stay in the city.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Nothing lasts forever, so Rosé has returned home, but fans are hoping to see her make her return to NYC sometime soon. Here are 6 things Rosé did during her week in the city that proves she was destined for New York.

1. Broadway Baby

One of New York’s greatest traditions is the Broadway musical. Developed out of vaudeville, Broadway has been a mainstay of the city for over 100 years and has helped America define its musical voice. During quarantine, the city, unfortunately, had to shut down its theatres for the safety of its residents to the bright lights on Broadway’s marquees have been dimmed for more than a year now.

Hamilton‘s Marquee | theatermania.com

Luckily for Rosé, she happened to be in the city when shows were reopening (with proper COVID-19 precautions in place)and was able to see the current cast of the hit Hadestown deliver one of their first performances back on the stage.

Rosé and Talia Ryder with the cast of Hadestown. | @rhodofansie/Twitter

2. Iced Coffee

New York City runs on coffee. The aroma of the beverage (mixed with a few other unique smells) always hangs in the air. This might be due to the large number of coffee shops covering the city, specifically Manhattan, or the demand from professionals desperate for that cup of morning coffee to wake them up.

Even in the snow, NYC loves their iced coffee. | @nycgov/Twitter

While in the city, Rosé was caught with this classic beverage in hand on her way between appointments. Combined with her chic outfit, Rosé gave off the energy of a true, posh Manhattanite.

Rosé rocking her iced coffee in SoHo | Getty Images

3. Lower Manhattan Hopping

In lower Manhattan resides one of the city’s most well-known neighborhoods, SoHo. This stands for South of Houston Street and is known for the art scene it courted in the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays, the area still has some of that artistic flair but has become a more high-end commercial area. Other famous neighborhoods include Little Italy, Tribeca, and East Village.

SoHo | NYCgo.com

Rosé spent most of her time in the city, enjoying this neighborhood in the city. She was caught by both paparazzi and fans hanging out with celebrity pal Talia Ryder in and around the neighborhood, including at the Feast of San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy.

| @chnfruity/Twitter

4. Luxury Shopping

Manhattan is known for its dichotomy of luxury and simplicity, depending on your location in the city. Where this grandeur is at its best is on 5th Avenue. 5th Av is known for its luxury shops and flagship stores for some of the world’s largest brands.

5th Avenue | tracysnewyorklife.com

As the global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent, it would only make sense for Rosé to spend a bit of time exploring the 5th avenue store like a proper New Yorker. After appearing for the fashion house at the Met Gala, she took the time to check out their store as well.

Rosé at The Saint Laurent store. | Getty Images

5. The Met Steps

Any fan of Gossip Girl knows just how important the Metropolitan Museum, aka “The Met” steps are for upper east siders to visit. While the steps are iconic, the museum itself represents more to New Yorkers as it is free to access for any state resident. This means that residents from all boroughs and beyond can enjoy some of the world’s finest art.

The Met Steps | theatlasedit.com

Rosé spent some of her most iconic time on The Met Steps, making it possible for New Yorkers to continue to attend the museum for free. The Met Gala acts as a fundraiser to allow continued free admission to residents. Rosé’s visuals weren’t only good for the eyes, but they were also good for the city.

Rosé at the Met Gala. | elle.com

6. JFK

Transportation in New York City is both a blessing and a curse. You can get wherever you want in most places, but there are caveats. One of the most oft complained about locations in the city is JFK International Airport.

JFK International Airport | Patch.com

Rosé had to leave the city through this airport, checking off one of the final boxes on her New York bingo card, dealing with transit. While everything seemed to go smoothly, no experience is perfect, and it’s an achievement to make it through the airport and catch your correct plane in general.

We hope we get a chance to see more of NYC Rosé in the future. What was your favorite moment from Rosé’s Met Gala trip? Let us know!

Source: SoHo