6 Times Boy Groups Aced The School Uniform Concept

Who wore it best?

In real life, school uniforms are notorious for being unfashionable. But some how, these 6 boy groups managed to score an A+ with their school uniform concept music videos.


1. BTS – “Boy in Luv”

Given that BTS had a whole school themed trilogy with 2 Cool 4 SkoolO!RUL8,2, and Skool Luv Affair, it’s no surprise that they’re one of the boy groups known for acing the school uniform concept.

From the song’s first teaser, BTS pulled off the high school bad boy look effortlessly.

In the music video’s dance scenes, they ditched the blazers for a sleek white shirt look.


2. EXO – “Growl”

One boy group that really brought the school uniform trend into the spotlight was EXO. Back in 2013, they released the music video for “Growl”.

This impressive one-shot clip featured the members in handsome grey blazers, black ties, and sneakers that probably wouldn’t meet the uniform code at most schools.

Even the teasers for the XOXO album were styled like a school yearbook.


3. TXT – “Run Away”

Just like their sunbaenims BTS, Big Hit Entertainment‘s junior boy group TXT had their very own version of the school uniform concept with “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”.

Alongside regular school uniforms, the rookies also sported school gym outfits in the music video.

Since all the members were teenagers last year, it’s no surprised that pulled off the school vibe perfectly.


4. SEVENTEEN – “Mansae”

Like BTS’s “Boy in Luv”, SEVENTEEN‘s “Mansae” also sees its members trying to impressive a girl at school in the music video.

It’s amazing how well the members dance in those restrictive school uniforms.

5. ASTRO – “Confession”

For their Autumn Story album, ASTRO rocked two sets of school uniforms. The first, seen in the teasers, had a red and gold color scheme. Somehow, they all managed to pull off the bold pattern.

The second set of uniforms from the music video have a more mature, navy blue theme that suits them just as well.


6. SF9 – “Easy Love”

SF9‘s music video for “Easy Love” focused on a high-tech computer theme, but the outfits were definitely a school uniform concept.

Fans speculated that the members were meant to be high schoolers lost in a world of code.