Here Are 6 Times BTS Were Total Professionals Despite Major Wardrobe Malfunctions

Buttons don’t stand a chance when it comes to BTS’s dancing.

BTS‘s members may seem flawless and perfect on stage most of the time, but they aren’t any more immune to mistakes than anyone else! In fact, given how hard they dance during their performances, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there have been incidences of them having wardrobe malfunctions that are usually just caused from them having too-tight clothes and going full out during their shows. Whenever this does happen, however, the members have always showed just how cool and professional they are during these incidents, by continuing on with the performance and pretending nothing has happened! Here are 6 such occurrences.

1. When Jimin & RM ripped their tank tops during their concept trailer performance.

Back in 2013 when the group was freshly debuted, they were performing their concept trailer dance on Music Bank. During the performance, around 1:05 in the video, the members pause in formation for a moment to rip off their uniforms and bare their tank tops underneath. Unfortunately, RM and Jimin ripped their tank tops as well! While Jimin just ripped one shoulder of his and managed to keep it upright, RM’s tank top fell to his waist for a few moments before he was quickly able to pull part of it back over his shoulder to continue dancing. Neither of them missed a beat, which is incredible considering they were still rookies at the time!

2. When J-Hope lost his shoe during “For You”.

Everyone knows that J-Hope holds nothing back when he dances, and this can lead to him losing shoes. This happened back in 2016 during a performance of “For You”, when he accidentally kicked one of his shoes off. He danced with one shoe-less foot for a while before Jungkook was able to quickly and professionally snag his shoe and put it back in a place where J-Hope could slip it back on and continue dancing. The moment happens at about :08 in the video above!

3. When J-Hope lost his shoe again during “Boy In Luv”.

Of course, that wasn’t the only time J-Hope has lost his shoe! Another time happened in 2014, during a performance of “Boy In Luv”. At around :40 in the video above, the dancer jumps over RM’s back and stumbles slightly, losing his shoe in the process. However, he continues rapping on like a boss despite the mishap, showing that he was a professional even in BTS’s early days!

4. When RM ripped a button off Jungkook’s shirt in “Fake Love”.

“Fake Love” was loved for many reasons, including Jungkook’s flashing of his abs during the choreography. However, during on performance in 2018, he ended up unintentionally showing more than that! At 2:19 in the video above, RM accidentally rips off one of the buttons on Jungkook’s shirt during the choreography, baring the maknae‘s chest. He does manage to subtly get it buttoned back up in the next couple seconds, but fans were screaming about the incident when it happened!

5. When Jungkook lost nearly all of his buttons during “Blood Sweat & Tears”.

Continuing with Jungkook’s button struggles, he ended up losing nearly all of them in a 2016 performance of “Blood Sweat & Tears”! Despite wearing a loose and airy shirt, the intense choreography of the song ended up making all but one of Jungkook’s buttons come undone, which you can see around 3:20. Just by how carefree and flawless he’s acting, though, you would never know it if you couldn’t see it!

6. And finally, when V lost a button from drumming too hard during “ON”.

And finally, this incident was more subtle, but it also involved a button! This happened more recently in 2020 during an “ON” performance. During Suga‘s rapping bit, the other members are in the back mimicking drumming during their choreography. At around 2:10, V ends up “drumming” just a little too hard, causing one of the buttons on his shirt to pop off and expose his chest. Fans, of course, went crazy over this unintentional flash of skin.

These were all instances of BTS acting crazy calm and professional during times when other people might panic!