6 Times CHUNGHA Showed Us How Easy It Is To Look Good

She is the epitome of simple but elegant!

Having a good outfit when travelling is a must for idols because everyone’s eyes divert to them whenever they’re at the airport!

CHUNGHA has some of the most simple, yet classy outfits and she shows us how it’s done at the airport!

1. All black underneath and a loud colored cardigan on top!

CHUNGHA wore a black top paired with black bottoms, and accessorized with a black purse and a black belt! She wore an oversized cardigan that had loud prints to give her outfit more life!

2. Looking good in black!

She keeps it toned down in an all-black outfit and making it more stylish with a jacket tucked in on one side of her pants.

3. Neutral-colored clothing pieces are her staples!

CHUNGHA seems to like neutral pieces a lot! She wore a white statement tee, with a pair of good old blue jeans and wore a gray blazer to make her outfit seem more planned and even more stylish!

4. A hair bun to top the outfit off!

She keeps it low-key with a black cropped top and black bottoms and again, uses her jacket to give more color to her ensemble! She put her hair in a bun which adds to the “lazy outfit day” look!

5. Keep it simple and uncomplicated with black!

CHUNGHA likes to wear uncomplicated outfits! She wore a black top with a dark gray pair of shorts, and accessorized with a black bag and a black belt!

6. A loose jacket over your top to keep you warm!

Another one of CHUNGHA’s signature airport fashion are her jackets! She wore a loud-printed jacket over her white top and black bottoms, again, keeping it very simple but timeless!