6 Times EXO’s Chen Was A Hopeless Homebody

Home is the safest place on earth!

With his bright personality and high energy, you would think EXO’s Chen likes to spend his time outdoor. But it turns out Chen is the biggest homebody from the whole group. Here are 6 example to prove that.

1. Chen ranked #1 on the Vyrl’s Homebody level test.

2. Fans’ private sightings of Chen are usually at the market.

3. Chen admitted he enjoys spending time by himself. He even leaves early to go home when other members are having fun.

4.  Chen once slept for 18 hours and EXO members had to check in on him to make sure he was OK.

5. Chen once had a long conversation with a repair man who came to fix the washing machine at the EXO’s dorm. The repair man shared he thought no one would be home since EXO was so famous so he was startled to see Chen greet him at the door.

6. D.O. confirmed Chen rarely leaves home and really wanted to know what Chen does.

“I usually listen to music. I drink tea, take baths and drink alcohol by myself.”