6 Times Grammy-Nominated American Singer Khalid Was The Biggest Relatable BTS Fan

Even the biggest stars can’t help but fanboy over BTS.

22-year-old American singer Khalid may have multiple Grammy nominations under his belt, but he’s not too proud to show his inner fanboy when it comes to BTS. Just take a look at 6 times he was the sweetes and most relatable ARMY.

1. When he shared “Serendipity” on Instagram

It seems like Jimin might be Khalid’s bias, because he’s shown the lead vocalist a lot of love on social media for “Serendipity”. Just a few days ago, he uploaded an Instagram story showing himself listening to the song in his car.

Khalid has been a fan of the song for years, telling followers he couldn’t stop listening to the track way back in August 2018 (to which Jimin thanked him adorably).

2. When he was honored to be noticed by them

The earliest interaction between Khalid and BTS came way back in 2017. As part of BTS Festa, RM recommended that V should listen to American Teen, Khalid’s debut album which had just been released.

When Khalid found out, he followed BTS on Twitter and sent them a sweet message of thanks.

And when BTS followed him back, it was the start of a great friendship!

3. When he went full ARMY at a BTS concert

When BTS played the Rose Bowl Stadium during their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour, Khalid had to make sure he was in the crowd cheering them on.

He went full ARMY, singing along to the songs and posting them on his Instagram story.

And after the concert, he was sure to get a photo with his favorite group too.

4. When he challenged J-Hope to a dance-off

When BTS headed to New York City for Saturday Night Live last year, J-Hope greeted fans with a video of himself dancing in the hotel on Twitter.

Everyone loved his skills, including fan Khalid. In fact, he was so impressed, he decided to challenge the great J-Hope to a dance battle.

BTS liked his tweet, so hopefully the two got to have their showdown at the Rose Bowl concert.

5. When he hugged them

Like a true ARMY, Khalid made sure to get his skinship moment with the BTS members at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

During a commercial break, he was seen hugging several members—including V, Jimin, and Jungkook.

6. When he talked fondly about BTS on national television

In an interview on Good Morning Britain last year, Khalid had nothing but nice things to say about his connection with BTS.

Khalid explained to the hosts that despite speaking different languages, the two acts were able to strike up a great friendship. Naturally, he was filled with praise for his friends.

I feel like they are just exceptional. They’re extraordinary. They deserve every single thing that’s happening to them right now.

— Khalid

He also talked about the possibility of a collaboration, which RM himself had previously mentioned in a 102.7 KIIS-FM radio interview. Unfortunately, it seems the two artists still haven’t found time to release a track together.


I have to mention Khalid, our friend, it’s really happening. So please stay tuned for our Khalid collaboration.

— RM