6 Times Haters Bashed Sulli Because They Couldn’t Handle Her Awesomeness

Sulli is always stirring up hot issues, because she can!

Sulli has always had an unusually large pool of haters. Her Instagram is at the center of heated discussions all the time. But with deeper look inside, Sulli isn’t quite that controversial after all. She’s just being herself, which, for some reason, is so difficult for people to accept.


1. Sulli’s Ex-Boyfriend

Back when she dated Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza, she used to upload pictures of their dates. But when she posted this one of their kiss, haters flocked to her instagram.

  • “Did you have to post this?”
  • “Please get married. Looks like you’ll have to.” 


But Sulli could care less what they say. She was in love and she was proud to show it. Sure, K-Pop idols don’t usually do this (as in post pictures of themselves kissing their boyfriends/girlfriends). It just doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to.

The two broke up, so maybe now the pictures are a little awkward. But who doesn’t have history?


2. Sulli’s Cat

Sulli has three cats, two of which are hairless Sphynx cats. When she uploaded a video of her spending time with Bleen, the nude-toned Sphynx, the haters lost their minds.

But halt! To lift all your suspicion, an actual footage of what happened:


The cat stays calm when Sulli playfully bites the skin on the back.


Then the cat yawns and Sulli smiles.

No cats were harmed in making of this video. Clearly. It was snips of the video maliciously put together.


3. Sulli’s Party

This picture was taken and uploaded when Sulli threw a birthday party for her best friend Goo Ha Ra. She’s dressed in a cute lacy camisole, which, to the haters’ standards, is too revealing.

  • “You want to get naked so bad, huh?”
  • “Who does this? Who takes pictures like this and posts them?”


But do keep in mind this was a house party, more like a pajama party, so Goo Ha Ra was wearing comfy clothes too.

And the two BFFs took a bunch of pictures together, as would all girls would do at a sleepover party. So Sulli decided to remember the fun night by posting the photo, what’s the issue?


4. Sulli’s Best Friend

Speaking of BFFs and birthday parties, Goo Ha Ra threw this house party for Sulli on Sulli’s birthday. They even had matching outfits, a must for any sleepover party, right?


The hating began when the two friends shared a peck during their Instagram live.

Sulli and Goo Ha Ra smacked lips and smiled at the camera.


Haters panicked and started calling them all kinds of names, including nasty lesbians (which by the way, is never okay to say to any one at all).

Maybe the sisterhood is strong, maybe they are in fact a thing – who knows? The single truth is, Sulli can give her best friend a kiss if she wants.


5. Sulli’s Famous Friend

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G-Dragon and Sulli have been good friends. He invites her to parties and she goes to his performances. But Sulli got bashed when she posted this picture after going to a recent concert, because she tagged him.


What triggered the haters was that she tagged both of G-Dragon’s Instagram accounts. An attack of comments flooded her post, saying “You unveiled G-Dragon’s private account!” and “Do you think you’re so special because you’re friends with G-Dragon?”

G-Dragon has a more public account, tagged at his nose, and a private one, tagged by Sulli’s finger. Haters think she was wrong to share this private account with everyone.


Perhaps haters are just sour they didn’t get the invite to G-Dragon’s parties, when Sulli always gets a VIP pass.


6. Sulli’s Bra (or Lack Thereof)

But of course, the biggest controversy Sulli ever created is her choosing to not wear bras. Sulli uploaded, and still posts, several pictures of herself obviously braless. And this drove the haters off the edge.

Now in most pictures, Sulli is ridiculed for not wearing a bra – even when she is. Braless-ness has come to define who she is, and the haters can’t stand it. They want her breasts cupped in.


But Sulli doesn’t seem to care what the haters want. She continuously chooses to go without bras and quite frankly, that’s okay.

“Her nipple is popping out like it’s king of the world”, “Am I supposed to think this is cool?”

In Korea, not wearing a bra is still seen as taboo and shameful. So for Sulli to make this choice and stick up for it is purely empowering.


Let the haters hate, Sulli is Sulli. She is awesome and she knows this.