6 Times Idols Talked About Sex And Were Hilariously Awkward

These celebrities got all flustered after talking about private life on TV.

Sex and porn is always awkward to talk about, even with friends. But what happens when idols end up talking about it on broadcast?

Here are 6 hilariously awkward times that idols have talked about sex and porn.


1. The time when SNSD confessed to watching porn.

On an old broadcast of Radio Star, the girls were poking fun at each other when Tiffany decided to create her own news story. 


 Sooyoung then confesses that she watched porn while they were on tour in a foreign country. She gets super embarrassed but Tiffany decides the other girls should join in the embarrassment too and tells the show that they all watched it together!


2. The time BTS’ computer kept getting viruses

On an episode of Yaman TV, the boys were asked to call out the perverts in the group were. Jimin tried to call out RM but was too shy.


Then J-Hope took over and told the show that their computer kept getting viruses (he meant there was a lot of porn on it) much to the embarrassment of the other members.


3. That awkward time EXO was on Hello Counselor

On one segment of Hello Counselor, Suho and Sehun had to help counselor this poor boy who was embarrassed by his mom’s sex education. In turn it embarrassed the EXO boys.


Suho was particularly embarrassed and tried to make light by making an old joke but ended up just getting more and more embarrassed himself.


4. This embarrassing skit on Knowing Brothers between Sung Hoon and Kim Jin Kyung

They were performing a skit when Kim Jin Kyung told Sung hoon he would need to pull down his pants.


The boys immediately joked about it much to Kim Jin Kyung’s embarrassment.


5. This question by Kyuhyun that could definitely be misinterpreted

Kyuhyun decided to ask this question much to the delight of the Knowing Brothers.


After making a lot of jokes, the boys acted completely innocent when Woo Seul Hye started laughing.


6. Or how about that time Lay just froze out of awkwardness?

During an episode of EXO 90:2014, BoA and EXO were asked what they would do if a 19+ rated scene was shown on screen.


The boys joked around saying that they would invite each other to watch but Lay had a different reaction.


And when Chen asked what he would be doing alone, poor Lay froze.

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