6 Times IU Comforted Distressed Souls With Beautiful Words

“I hope they console themselves so they don’t get sick and hurt while they are trying to hide these feelings.”

Whether it’s a hardcore Uaena, a general fan, or a member of the public, IU has always been able to touch the hearts of many through her music. An overlooked part of her though is her ability to comfort others with her words.

Here are 6 times IU touched the hearts of everyone with what she said.

1. When IU dedicated her speech at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards to Jonghyun and other artists.


“Artists are people who are supposed to console others.

And I get they are professionals, but I hope they will take care of themselves first as they are people too.

[I hope they] console themselves so they don’t get sick and hurt while they are trying to hide these feelings.”

— IU (32nd Golden Disc Awards)

2. When IU made sure to acknowledge all of the artists and staff who worked hard bringing good music to their fans.

“I just want to tell all of the artists and staff members who have worked so hard in order to produce good music and create good performances for the fans and the public – to the extent they weren’t able to eat well or sleep well…

You’ve worked hard.”

— IU (2017 Melon Music Awards)

3. When one of IU’s reasons for living is to repay her fans for all the love they’ve shown her.

“I dedicate my twenties to repay all of the fans who have given me so much love. I will repay you all with good music that everyone can see personally with their own eyes.

With your shouts and cheers, you have given me something very important.”

— IU (IU Korean Concert Tour)

4. When a fan said she was sad that she’s one day have to stop being IU’s hardcore fan and focus on her own career…


“It’s because of you, the fan, that I am able to shine like I do today and be happy.

I will also use my methods to make all of my fans happy too.”

— IU (6th Anniversary Fan Meeting)

5. …and respected their opinions whether they liked what she’s doing or not.

“I’ll be in my spot up here and I’ll work hard.

Please watch over me well and only cheer for me if you honestly feel like it.”

— IU (Fan Meeting)

6. When her success formula become an inspiration for everyone pursuing anything.

“If I lose something, I gain something else. But if I gain something, I also lose something else. That’s what I live by.

Actually, if I give up something, the world will hand me something else. It’s always been that way without fail.

In the future, I will continue to give up some things to enjoy the happiness that comes with it.”

— IU (2015 Ceci Interview)