6 Times Kim Soo Hyun Was The Craziest Ball Of Sunshine On The Set Of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

He’s everyone’s friend.

Kim Soo Hyun may be a professional actor who takes his roles very seriously, but he’s also a ball of sunshine that is the complete opposite of his usual characters. He’s beloved for a reason!

Check out some of his craziest moments on the set of It’s Okay To Not Be Okay below!

1. When he joked around

Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji were still getting to know each other during the first few days of filming. To ease the awkwardness in one scene, he pretended to hit the air to make everyone laugh.

2. When he sulked

Having fake blood dripping down his arm was not in Kim Soo Hyun’s list of favorite things to do. His pout was huge, lightening the mood on set.

3. When he felt Gang Tae’s injury

Gang Tae‘s hand was wrapped in bandages after he sustained a cut from the previous knife scene. Kim Soo Hyun, while waiting for filming to start, simply decided to twist his arm as if testing if he could feel the fake injury. Obviously, there was no pain!

4. When he didn’t want to take a photo

Gang Tae was miffed when Moon Young asked him to take her photo with a fan. Kim Soo Hyun got his revenge behind the camera by taking photos of everything but them!

5. When he popped to Seo Ye Ji’s cough

What do you do if your co-worker misses a line because of cough? Maybe it’s best to pat her on the back and ask if she’s okay…

…or maybe it’s better to dance popping style to the rhythm of her cough! That’s exactly what Kim Soo Hyun did in this behind the scenes video!

6. When he sang for Moon Young: opera style

Finally, there’s no better video to show just how weird Kim Soo Hyun is than when he sang for Moon Young opera style. It got to the point where he stood on filming equipment and continued his loud show for everyone on set!

Source: YouTube