6 Times K-Pop Idols’ Live Broadcasts Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong

RM’s response lives in my head rent-free.

Live broadcasts from our favorite K-Pop idols are fun to watch because we get to learn more about them and see them in a more intimate way than watching them on stage. There are hilarious moments, deep heart-to-heart moments, and even sleeping moments—but we cannot forget the moments that went terribly wrong.

Here are 6 moments of our favorite K-Pop idols’ live broadcasts that surprised us—and them.

1. Dean Falling Down The Stairs

What started as just a simple moment of walking down the stairs during a live broadcast turned into him falling and saying, “Whoa, I fell.” The audience could then hear the sound of him rubbing wherever he was hurt, and thankfully, he was not injured!

2. DPR IAN Smashing His Head

One moment, he’s adorably swinging side to side while recording himself through the mirror’s reflection. The next, he bonks his head on the side door, making the loudest ruckus of the door shaking—or perhaps his brain shaking around his head. Ouch.

3. STAYC’s Isa And Her Cake

While Isa celebrated her birthday with a beautiful strawberry cake, her phone suddenly fell—and face-planted right into her cake.

4. ASTRO Moonbin and Weki Meki Yoojung’s Whistle Notes

The two labelmates originally planned on showing off dance moves, but chaos ensued when they accidentally leaked a song. As they set up their camera, the song started to play, and the two began to scream at the top of their lungs in an attempt to cover up the sound. Not only did audiences get to hear the first snippet of the song, but Yoojung’s whistle notes!

5. (G)I-DLE’s Table Fall

During a live moment with (G)I-DLE, Miyeon read a comment about how they need to win #1 so that Yuqi can shave her hair bald (as a dare). An excited Shuhua can be heard quietly saying “Yay” as she leans on the table, which collapses with the phone and tripod.

6. BTS RM’s Unintentional Magic Trick

While RM was celebrating his birthday on a live stream, he happily celebrated with a happy birthday song and a cake with three brightly-lit candles. In his state of joy, he spun around on his chair with a big smile, only to realize that his candles were blown out because of the wind. His smile disappeared along with the flames of his candles and his face when he realized this was priceless!

Thankfully nobody got hurt by these sudden and unintended incidents, so fans can laugh and joke about it now. In fact, it’s these moments that we see the cute reactions of our favorite K-Pop idols, making us love them even more!

Source: @KHipHopWorld2, @liliaceaesolar, @_staycgirls, @softbbin and @idlecitas