6 Times f(x)’s Krystal Turned Into An Absolutely Cute Baby Around Her Mother

She is too cute to handle!

A vlog series, Charging Crystal by f(x)’s Krystal was recently uploaded onto the Monotube YouTube channel and fans loving the rarely seen side of her! In her newly created vlog, Krystal shares her daily life, including several cute moments with her mom.

As many know, Krystal and her older K-Pop idol sister Jessica have always been nicknamed “ice princess” by fans because of their “cold look” or “sharp gaze.” Despite being labeled as “cold” both the girls have shown that they are exactly the opposite of cold! Reminder…Don’t judge a book by its cover!

Here are 6 times Krystal turned into an absolutely cute baby around her mom in her Charging Crystals:

1. When she messed up her tea — Mama Jung please help her!

While pouring herself tea, something went wrong and Krystal immediately called for her mom in a cute, needy way.

2. She wanted her mom to miss her when she leaves for work

Telling her mom she’s has a schedule in Gangwondo, Krystal asked “You don’t care?” Her mother lovingly replied, “I don’t want you to go” to which Krystal smiled and giggled.

| 모노튜브/YouTube 

3. Telling on her friend to her mom

When her unshown friend in the vlog wanted to watch Netflix on Krystal’s TV, Krystal explained her TV doesn’t have Netflix. Following this, Krystal teasingly told her mom her friend was complaining about the TV.

| 모노튜브/YouTube  

4. Stealing her mom’s clothes

Stealing your parent’s makeup, clothes, phones, etc, is something every little kid does, even Krystal as an adult still wants to dress up like her mom: “Mom, can I try your hat on?” After Krystal successfully got her hands on her mother’s hat she commented, “It’s cute.

| 모노튜브/YouTube  

5. Giggling at her mom’s compliments

While sharing that she received many breakouts from wearing her masks, Krystal shared, “if you have breakouts on your cheeks, that means someone loves you.” Her mother’s response was absolutely lovely: “Then you should have breakouts all the time because I always love you.

| 모노튜브/YouTube  

6. Again…stealing her mom’s clothing

While packing for her work trip, Krystal’s mother exposed her for taking her clothes when she was younger. In particular, a beige jacket: “Do you remember my clothes, you took it and put it in your closet?

| 모노튜브/YouTube  
| 모노튜브/YouTube   

Krystal and her mother’s relationship is so cute and fans can’t stop obsessing over the two! Krystals vlogs, Charging Crystals come out on Mondays at 5PM KST!