6 Times SEVENTEEN Showed Off Their Twerking Skills

That’s how The8 and Jun reacted after their twerking moments 😂

SEVENTEEN aren’t afraid to throw their idol images to the side just to have some good old fun. Of those moments, here are six times the members amused fans—and themselves—with their twerking.

The8 and Jun.

1. Twerk Break

When it was Woozi‘s turn in the spotlight during one of their concerts, he knew the perfect way to capture attention.

While the others, like Jeonghan and Joshua, stuck with cute poses, there was no hesitation as Woozi confidently stepped forward and quickly twerked.

2. “Just Do It” Twerk Version

As SEVENTEEN and fans sang BSS‘s (BooSeokSoon’s) unit song “Just Do It” together, Jun got into the spirit by busting out a different type of dance move.

Crouching down just a bit, Jun blessed everyone with his twerking and not just once.

With his microphone in position and one hand on his leg, Jun put his all into twerking and didn’t stop.

Even when Jun was embarrassed and put a hand over his face, he still came back for a third time to deliver some enthusiastic twerking.

3. The Starter Pack

After Jun did such lively twerking, Vernon amused fans by doing his own version that perfectly matched his laid-back personality.

4. Showing The Boys And Girls How It’s Done

In an iconic moment that’s familiar to many Carats, Woozi once again busted out his twerk moves during one of their practice sessions.

This time, it was much more lively than the previous one.

With his hands on his knees and his body shaking at the speed of light, Woozi hilariously looked like he came right out of a viral twerk clip.

5. Twerking With A Side Of Classy

While Woozi was confident about his twerking skills, The8 was much more reserved about his.

When The8 decided to twerk on a piano (yes, you read that correctly), the funny scene ended with an equally funny ending.

After The8 stepped down from the piano, he did a bow that was so different from the twerking that it hilariously looked like an apology.

6. Baby Twerking

When DK was spotted bouncing up and down in a behind-the-scenes clip, it immediately called to mind a mini twerk session.

It was even funnier because Hoshi kept slapping DK on the bottom as he did it.

Bonus: “Can You Twerk?”

During Vernon and Seungkwan‘s live broadcast, the former read a question that he immediately apologized for reading. Vernon read a fan’s question out loud, “Can you twerk?

As soon as Seungkwan began to dance, Vernon burst into laughter and said, “I’m sorry.


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