6 Times SHINee’s Taemin Made Us Laugh During His 3-Generation Career

He’s hilarious without even trying!

SHINee‘s Taemin has debuted in 3 generations of K-Pop, and he’s been making us laugh ever since his original debut with SHINee in 2008!

Here are 6 of Taemin’s most hilarious moments!

1. When he said Key gets “urges to steal”

During an appearance on Radio Star, Taemin told the hosts that Key took a bottle of wine that was meant for his parents. Key explained that he didn’t know the wine was Taemin’s, but Taemin hilariously shared his side of the story while on-air with Radio Star!

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 2. When he showed off his bike moves

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Highlight‘s Gikwang expected Taemin to show off his dance skills when he joined them on an episode of Why Not? The Dancer, but Taemin unexpectedly came in on a bike!

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 3. When he revealed that he had never seen broccoli before

While cooking with SHINee, Taemin told the other members that he’d never seen broccoli before, much to Shawol’s surprise!

4. When he realized electric mixers exist…halfway through making a souffle

On his reality program Rare-Taem, Taemin made a souffle and quickly got frustrated with how long it took to whisk the eggs. After whisking for what felt like forever, he realized that the person in the tutorial he was watching was using an electric mixer.

| SHINee/YouTube

 5. When he celebrated Key’s birthday by stealing from him

While Key was in the military, Taemin celebrated his fellow SHINee member’s birthday by letting himself into his house, going through his closet, and taking a cardigan.


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6. When he accidentally promoted SuperM during a SHINee photoshoot

When you’ve debuted in two groups and as a solo artist, it’s easy to get mixed up sometimes!





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