6 Times TVXQ’s Yunho And EXO’s Suho Were The Cutest Couple…Of Friends

They’re actually really close.

Not all fans are aware, but EXO’s Suho and TVXQ‘s Yunho are close friends inside and outside of work. Being in the same company but in different groups, every interaction is a small blessing to their fans.

Here are some instances when they made everyone envy their friendship!


1. When Suho described their beginnings

In a 2013 episode of Mnet‘s Beatles Code 2, Suho explained how his friendship with his sunbae started. To the surprise of many, it was through a scolding!

Before we debuted, an EXO memeber did something wrong so Yunho said to bring the leader to him. Yunho scolded me because I was the group leader but he also gave me a lot of good advice. Because of that, we became closer.

– Suho

2. When Suho was jealous of Kai

In the same show, Suho hilariously pointed out that Yunho took care of other EXO members besides him…and he may not have been that happy about it.

After debut, Yunho only took care of Kai since Kai is our main dancer.

– Suho

3. When Yunho and Suho wore couple coats

Their liking of each other even extends to their preference for clothes. Yunho and Suho wore “couple outfits” consisting of a black turtleneck and brown coat.

4. When Yunho and Suho had the cutest photos

No matter who’s performing or when, these two always manage to commemorate their time together.

5. When Yunho shared who’s part of the “Passion Group”

The self-dubbed “passion group” of SM Entertainment are the ones who show earnestness in their activities. Yunho pointed out Super Junior‘s Siwon, SHINee‘s Minho, EXO‘s Chanyeol, and of course, Suho, as part of the list.

6. When Yunho visited Suho in his musical

Finally, their friendship goes beyond work time! Yunho showed his support to Suho by visiting him in his musical “The Man Who Laughs” during his rest period.