6 Trend-Setting Idols Who Help Clothing Brands Sell Out

Whatever these idols are seen wearing immediately flies off of the shelves.

1. Apink’s Naeun

Sometimes known as the “unofficial Adidas model” for her love of wearing (and looking amazing in) Adidas leggings, Apink’s Naeun always looks incredible in whatever she is wearing. Her stunning figure and fashion sense cause the women of Korea to not only pay attention to what she’s wearing but to immediately rush to the store and buy it.

2. Bae Suzy

Known all over Korea for her beauty and her fashion sense (and, of course, her talent) Suzy, formerly of miss A has been the face of numerous brands and one of the most in-demand CF models in recent history. Naturally, when Suzy wears something, you can be sure it’s going to fly off the shelves!

3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s fashion clout is so impressive that magazines like Vogue, and top industry designers like Karl Lagerfeld (head creative director of both Chanel and Fendi as well as his own fashion label), are well acquainted with him and his work. In fact, G-Dragon is not only stylish, he has his own fashion label, PEACEMINUSONE. No wonder whatever he wears sells out immediately in what’s called “the G-Dragon effect”.

4. Sunmi

Known for her perfect figure and impeccable taste, Sunmi is looked up to by many for her fashion sense and overall aesthetic. When you look this good in what you’re wearing, naturally people will want to emulate you!

5. BTS’s V

Sometimes called “the human Gucci” (a title he shares with #6 on this list), BTS V’s fashion clout has incredible reach not just because he’s so fashionable, but because of BTS’s global reach and devoted fans.

6. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Like V, Jennie is known as “the human Gucci” and she wears the title well. Her petite frame is perfect for modeling all the clothes she wears, so it’s hardly any wonder everyone wants to wear what Jennie is wearing.