Here’s 6 Twitter Reactions After TVXQ’s Yunho Dropped A Full-On Action Movie For “Thank U”

We expect nothing but superior from Yunho!

TVXQ’s Yunho recently dropped his “Thank U” music video as part of his second mini album NOIR.

| SM Entertainment

This video, which has been marked inappropriate for children 17 and under, features a noir style movie with graphic content.

| SM Entertainment

Although the video gives off a heavy and dark atmosphere, the song itself is a more upbeat pop dance song that contrasts with the music video theme.

| @yunho2154/Instagram

Yunho commented, “A normal noir movie gives off a heavy atmosphere, but this song is a danceable song so it is both like a movie and entertaining at the same time.”

Fans who saw his video were quite shocked at how dramatic and high quality it was! Let’s take a look at some reactions!

1. 100, no less

Yunho seemed to have mastered all areas including expression, acting, fighting, singing, dancing. He never does less than a hundred!

2. No skips

We all know legends like Yunho has no skips when listening to their entire album.

3. The feels

This cinematic masterpiece had fans all over the place with their emotions!

4. Not Suitable For TV Broadcast

Fans were worried that Yunho’s music video would not be able to air due to its graphic content, but sometimes you have to take one for cinematic excellence!

5. Mind-blown

Honestly, what other artists are releasing quality like this for a music video?

6. But like, same

Watch the full video below!

Source: theqoo