There Are 6 Types Of K-Pop Fans, According To K-Pop Fans

Which one are you?

Some K-Pop fans are loyal – they pick a group, they pick a bias, then they stick with what they picked for eternity and beyond. Other K-Pop fans keep their hearts wide open, for more and more idols to come settle inside. For fun and giggles, Korean netizens have categorized the different types of K-Pop stans. Here are the 6 types, check out which one you are!


1. The Pyramid Type

The “Pyramid Type” fans have a well balanced list of biases. They have their absolute, all-time favorite at the very top. In the following “tiers”, they have an increasing number of groups or members that they like and follow. For example, a pyramid type fan might have BTS as his absolute favorite, then SEVENTEEN and SF9, followed by TWICE, Lovelyz, and INFINITE.


2. The Trapezoid Type

The “Trapezoid Type” fans are like the “Pyramid Type” fans, but their lists are bigger, longer, and more accepting. These trapezoid fans are easy-to-please and are open-to-everything types who dabble in all kinds of genres and concepts. They have multiple favorites, as well as second favorites, and third favorites, and fourth…


3. The Horn Type

The “Horn Type” fans are slightly pickier than the pyramids and trapezoids of the K-Pop fandom. They have their one-and-only bias that will not budge no matter what. But in the second to third levels, they are slightly more welcoming to other groups and/or members. Horn types are often more specific versions of the pyramid types. For example, a horn type fan will only have a select few on her list. She has NCT‘s Taeyong as her #1 bias, firm – and kind of likes SHINee‘s Taemin and possibly TVXQ too, but is generally interested in BLACKPINKRed Velvet, and MONSTA X too.


4. The Antenna Type

The “Antenna Type” fans also have their one-and-only biases – and this bias is the most important and their utmost priority. They may like other groups and members, but none  as deeply and madly as the bias. In other words, to these antenna type fans, K-Pop consists of their bias (and the others). For example, an antenna type fan whose bias is ASTRO‘s Eunwoo will have mild interests in other K-Pop groups like GFRIEND and Kang Daniel, but has his world revolving mainly around Eunwoo.


5. The Round Type

The “Round Type” fans are the most exclusive type in the K-Pop world. They have their one, single, and only group or member that they stan. They’re not interested in anyone else and they don’t care about the rest of the K-Pop world. For these round type fans, it is them and their biases in the world – nothing else! For example, someone who isn’t otherwise interested in K-Pop at all, but does have a deep passionate love only for Ong Seong Wu would be considered a round type fan!


6. The Liquid Type

The “Liquid Type” fans are the complete opposite of the round type fans. These liquid type fans, like the name suggests, flow from one group to another, splashing their love for any and all K-Pop idols out there. They love every group, every member, every song, and every album because they love everything about K-Pop! What’s the point in choosing after all?

Source: THEQOO