6 Types Of Dates That Are Good Only If You’re In High School

Things aren’t the easiest for high school sweethearts.

1. Going out for Cheap Meals and fun

High school couples are often on a tight budget, but they know how to make the best of what they have. One of the most popular dates include a course meal at a tteokbokki spot, followed by a dollar menu dessert at McDonald’s, and a round or two games at the arcade.


2. Letter Exchanges on every notable date

High school couples count every special date as an anniversary. From Two-Two Day in observance of their 22nd day together to Pepero Day, made specifically for exchanging pepero snacks, high school couples don’t miss the chance to celebrate. And for every anniversary, there is a long, handwritten letter to go with it. High school lovers usually exchange the letters with small gifts or sweets.


3. Always being glued to their phones

High schoolers are very busy doing homework or studying for the College Entrance Exam. Because it’s hard to meet up all the time, couples will send text messages, make secret phone calls in the bathroom, and obsessively like each other’s social media posts. High school dating is all about staying connected online.


4. Making a walk back home seem like forever

High school dating is built on these walks — from the walk to school, the walk back home, and the walk to their date spot. Every second is important and counts as a date. Time is gold for high school lovers, so they walk hand in hand and try to make short trips last as long as possible.


5. Any weather is date weather

Going somewhere to sit down could be costly. High school couples who can’t afford to spend money often will resort to having a date outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, as long as the couple is together. Hanging out at the park in a heat wave or walking around the neighborhood in the pouring rain, a date is a date.


6. Playing the waiting game

Because students don’t always have access to their cellphones while school’s in session, high school couples constantly play the waiting game as part of the dating life. So if one falls off the grid, the other has to wait. Until the lovebirds are reunited, it’s an ongoing battle without knowing how long. But of course, with love, an hour or five wouldn’t be a problem.


High school couples can’t go on the fanciest dates. But love is powerful that it makes everything okay and anything possible.

Source: 1BOON